The Brumbies want to send McCallor as the winner because Bobby was set to return

The Brumbies say outgoing coach Dan McClellan deserves to be the winner as they begin preparations for their sudden death in the Super Rugby Pacific final fight with Hurricane.

Brumbis, who hosts the Wellington men in the first week of the playoffs on Saturday night, is determined to extend McClure’s tenure as long as possible.

Former McClellan coach Stephen Larkham is set to return to Canberra next season in a full-time role with Wallabies.

Young Lock Tom Hooper, who is optimistic about recovering from injury against the Hurricanes, says the team wants to show McClellan their appreciation.

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“All the boys owe a lot to Dan and we’re really going to show our gratitude to him in the next three weeks,” said Hooper McClair, who has been the coach since 2018.

“He’s a great coach and he deserves nothing more than that.”

Hooper said the team was disappointed in their recent run with three consecutive defeats after a great start to the season.

In their final round, Moana lost to the Pacific, after a two-point defeat to the ladder-leading Blues when they also fell to the Crusaders.

“Moana has certainly been seen playing their last game of the season and playing their 150th match for their captain (Christian Lialifano).

“We have to get better next week and we will.”

Brumbis head coach Dan McKeller is looking forward to it

(Photo by Kai Schweizer / Getty Images)

Hooper, who announced the extension of his two-year contract on Monday, said they wanted to make a fresh start in the final.

They are hopeful that powerhouse flanker Rob Valentini, who has been missing for three weeks due to a hamstring injury, will return to the line-up.

“We lost three in a row but the final football is completely different,” said the 21-year-old.

“We will probably have to face the New Zealand team from now on and the first challenge is to deal with the hurricane and for which we are ready.”


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