The Broncos’ latest offer should have been enough to make you laugh

Brisbane Broncos star Payne Haas has demanded immediate release from his current contract.

His current contract was supposed to last until the end of 2024, but Haas was unwilling to wait and instead wanted to go out the door as soon as possible. This is because the contract negotiations between him and the club did not end well.

If Payne is willing to go through the deal, it will start at $ 750,000 payout this season, before adding $ 100,000 to each of the final two years. Origin Prop was offered an extension that will expire in 2027 and earn এক 1 million per year.

Haas believes he is worth more than the cash on the table and the report says he was not happy with the money he was paying for the rest of his current contract.

According to the Brisbane Broncos, the club “will not entertain the release”. The statement came just hours after the news broke.

Brisbane has obviously been bad for the last two years, but the club is growing. The Broncos have been at an all-time high recently as they have won five games in a row and do not seem to be stopping their violence anytime soon. So, an excuse that the club is struggling cannot be added to the argument of laughter.

Knowing you don’t want to be in the club will make it seriously difficult to look your own teammates and coworkers in the eye during training. Become a player like the franchise that built him up and support him when he was younger.

I understand that any of the other 16 clubs will ask for his signature and be offered more money, but why not stay with a team that is becoming a top team and with just a few million dollars a year coming your way?

Has Haas demanded too much for the Broncos? (Getty Images)

One major issue that is being debated is whether the original front row is worth more than মিল 1 million. Haas is, in my opinion, the most important player in the Broncos, although the length of his contract cannot be mixed with the big dollar.

We’ve seen what happened to David Fifita after he accepted a $ 1.2 million-per-season deal on the Gold Coast. He was not close to his potential and the big deal seemed to fail if his struggle continued.

I’m not saying that the same thing would certainly happen with a smile, however, it’s a risk and I don’t think we’ve seen enough to prove that he is worth his money and will consistently continue his incredible performance. I’m sure Brisbane will do its best to hold the 22-year-old, but at the moment it doesn’t look good at all.

If Payne decides to stick to his decision to leave as soon as possible, you have to let him go, because you don’t want to put a player who is not committed to the club on the roster. The only problem is that if they decide to release him in the next day or week, $ 750,000 will be lost.

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