The best NFL pick is not wasting time signing 2022

Aiden Hutchinson poses on stage after being selected second by the Detroit Lions in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft on April 28, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
(Photo by David Baker / Getty Images)

The 2022 NFL draft is over and now it’s time for the teams to sign their drafts

More Rockies have agreed to their deal, with first-round picks revealing their priorities and NFL Network’s Tom Peliserro.

Pelisero has confirmed that Houston Texan cornerback Derek Stingley Jr., Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Drake London, and New Orleans Saints offensive tackle Trevor Penning have signed their contracts.

Pelisero added that their contracts are fully guaranteed with a four-year contract with a fifth-year option.

As a result of their signing, the number of first round elections signed increased to 16.

Stingley agreed to a $ 34.6 million contract with a $ 22.3 million signing bonus.

The Texans signed him after finishing 30th in allowed yards last season and 23rd in allowed passing yards per game.

Meanwhile, the London deal is worth $ 21.5 million and a $ 12.8 million signing bonus.

The Falcons needed to extend the wide receiver after Calvin Ridley was suspended for gambling in the game.

Similarly, Cordrell Patterson may focus on running back after Mike Davis joins the Baltimore Ravens.

Finally, Penning signed a $ 14.1 million contract with a $ 7.4 million signing bonus.

New Orleans could use him after Taron Armstad moved to the Miami Dolphins.

And who signed their rookie contract?

The Rookies are signing their contract at a rapid rate because they still don’t have much of an advantage in negotiating.

They have yet to prove themselves in the NFL, without any bargaining chips from their little ones.

In addition to those misdeeds mentioned above, defensive end Travan Walker and Aidan Hutchinson have signed their four-year contracts.

Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner, Ikem Ekonu and Jameson Williams have also agreed to their deal.

Jordan Davis, Trent McDuffy and Koye Walker also signed the dotted line.

The list of signed first-round draft picks includes Kair Elam, Devante Watt, George Carlaftis and Lewis Cine.

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