The 5 most expensive Vikings in 2022

The 5 most expensive Vikings in 2022

Cork cousin and Dalvin Cook

As of mid-May, the 2022 Minnesota Vikings spend the 12th-highest dollar for offensive linemen for the 2022 season and the 8th-lowest dollar for defense.

This route is a huge departure from Minnesota Accustomed Before the arrival of the Kirk cousins ​​in 2018, invest heavily in defense, manage. Since then, defense spending has declined – and so have defense performance in 2020 and 2021.

From the top 5 to the smallest, these players are responsible for most of the Vikings’ pay cap in 2022.

Metric cap hits, not the average annual salary.

5. Adam Thilen (WR)

2022 dead cap hits = $ 11.6 million
Overall Cap Percentage = 5.56%

Schedule for Adam Thilan's return
Adam Thilen

Treading his way out of the unexpected ambiguity of nine years ago, Thiellen is now a strong catcher on Touchdown, earning top-5 compensation for the Vikings. He will be 32 this summer, so fans should really cherish his last years with the Vikings. Most wideouts close within the age range due to injury and such.

Thanks to Thiellen, his hand is his biggest asset – in tune to fourth place at the Touchdown Reception since the start of the 2019 season. And, 24% of all Vikings games are missing in that time frame.

4. Dalvin Cook (Arabic)

2022 dead cap hits = $ 11.8 million
Overall Cap Percentage = 5.66%

Number only: Vikings offensive rankings after 14 weeks
December 9, 2021; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; The Minnesota Vikings are trailing Dalvin Cook. Compulsory Credit: Brace Hemelgarn – USA Today Sports

Why did the Vikings recruit back a race with premium cash in a league away from the RB emphasis?


In the last three seasons, Cook has been second in the NFL from Scrimmage with 4,955. He is 23 yards behind leader Derrick Henry. Also, since 2019 he has played two more games than Henry Cook.

When someone cooks a football, he gets yards – simple and ordinary.

His 2020 campaign total of 1,918 yards and 17 touchdowns was remarkable, but it seems to have flown under the radar to Vikings fans adrian Peterson standard.

3. Daniel Hunter (EDGE)

2022 Dead Cap Hit = $ 12.3 million
Overall Cap Percentage = 5.88%

Daniel Hunter
December 23, 2019; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Daniel Hunter is the defensive end of the Minnesota Vikings. Compulsory Credit: Brace Hemelgarn – USA Today Sports.

Hunter should have been paid more, but he was unable to shake the deal he signed four years ago.

LSU alumni have signed a glittering contract in 2018 Before He has grown into a superstar, so Minnesota has enjoyed a team-friendly financial deal with Hunter ever since.

However, Hunter has missed 79% of all games since the beginning of 2020. So while his contract is favorable for the Vikings Enterprise, his absence is not. Of course, it’s not his fault, but you get the gist.

Along with Wisconsin teammate J’Darius Smith, Hunter should have a massive 2022 campaign if the injuries are quiet. Then, he’ll finally net a fat-fat deal before too long.

2. Eric Kendricks (LB)

2022 Dead Cap Hit = $ 13.5 million
Overall Cap Percentage = 6.44%

Eric Kendricks
November 8, 2020; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings middle linebacker Eric Kendricks. Compulsory Credit: Harrison Burden – USA Today Sports

The Vikings check in at Kendricks # 2, the defense’s cardiovascular system.

Interestingly, if the Vikings now want to add any more big-name free agents by September, Kendricks’ name will probably be called for a contractual restructuring.

He will be the fifth highest paid off-ball linebacker in the world in 2022, hitting every cap, and Kendricks deserves it. UCLA alumni faced a “low year” by numbers in 2021, but Ed Dontell’s 3-4 defenses transfer in September will work wonders for Kendricks.

1. Cork cousin (QB)

2022 Dead Cap Hit = $ 31.4 million
Overall Cap Percentage = 14.97%

KIrk cousin
August 21, 2021; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousin. Compulsory Credit: Brace Hemelgarn – USA Today Sports

Cousins ​​earn twice as much as Kendricks, the man closest to his top-paid-on-the-Vikings status.

And that’s why cousins ​​are checked so often. The Vikings spend the fourth-most cash per quarterback, but the Cousins ​​are not the fourth-best passers in the NFL.

This is why you read so many winter, spring, summer and autumn debates about cousins. Are the Vikings smart enough to recruit in the top 5 or top 10 financial clips in the NFL’s 11th or 12th-best quarterback? Negotiations won’t end until Cousins ​​and Vikings have won a Super Bowl, or he’s going somewhere else.

He offers 4,000+ passing yards and 30+ touchdowns like clockwork per season, so it’s probably wise to build a team around his continuity.

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