The 3 most underrated players in The Bears roster

January 09, 2022 Bilal Nichols of the Chicago Bears celebrates # 98 by dropping the sack of Cork Cousin # 8 of the Minnesota Vikings in the second half of the game at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis Minneapolis.
(Photo by Stephen Maturen / Getty Images)

The 2022 season has a Chicago Bears roster with very few names that casual NFL fans know.

Although they have Justin Fields and Eddie Jackson, everyone knows the two players, some of the players on the roster are unknown.

Those unknown players are also underrated.

However, there are also some well-known players in Chicago who are underrated.

Who are the three most underrated players of the Chicago Bears, known or unknown, on their list?

3. Robert Quinn

When Khalil Mack leaves, the Bears need Edge Rasha to take his place.

Robert Quinn arrives, filling in the gaps opened by Mac Trade.

2021 saw him in a breakout season, posting his best number since 2013.

He had 18.5 sacks, a half sack and 49 combined tackles under his single-season record in 2013.

With his performance last season, he showed that he still has gas in his defense tank.

It also shows that he was better than Mack, who did not break the bag record while in Chicago.

It was also Queen’s best season since her 2013 season with the Rams.

Although some do not know him outside of Chicago, he made his mark in 2021 loud and clear.

He will continue it in the 2022 NFL season.

2. Cole Comet

One thing Chicago needs is a solid finish with reliability.

Since the end of Greg Olsen’s days, the Bears have been looking for replacements to match his talent.

Here comes the Cole Comet picture.

Although he is not a perfect receiver, he has shown that he can break the tackle if he gets the ball.

However, 2021 has seen him drop some touchdown passes that are forcing beer fans to think twice about him.

But as Kemet enters his third season, he can show people who doubt his talent that they are wrong.

Last season he saw more drops, with more broken tackles, receiving yards and receptions his catch percentage was higher.

Some people have not noticed these things.

This season will be even better for Kemet.

Fans who have seen his highlights know this.

1. Darnell Mooney

Alan Robinson was the number one receiver in Chicago for some time.

However, the Bears let him go to the free agency.

With their number one receiver gone, fans wanted them to sign a new top receiver.

Although the Bears signed and drafted players for the receiver position, none of them were top guys.

However, a Bears receiver can call them to be the number one guy.

That player is Darnell Mooney.

When 2021 saw Robinson Regress, Munir had a great season.

He has cracked just 1,000 receiving yards for the season and looks ready to do it again.

This is a long way off for the young receiver, but he can handle it.

With another great season, fans can no longer ignore the Chicago player.

He will no longer be underrated, as he will be the new top receiver for the Bears.

The competition he has for the wide receiver in Chicago in 2022, he knows he has to go step by step to be the top player.

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