Terrell Owens makes a bold claim

Former NFL player Terrell Owens on the field before the game between the Florida Atlantic Owls and the Middle Tennessee Blue Riders on October 12, 2019 at FAU Stadium in Boca Raton, Florida.
(Photo by Mark Brown / Getty Images)

Without question, Terrell Owens is one of the best wide receivers to have played in the NFL.

In 15 seasons he has collected 15,934 yards and 153 touchdown catches.

He is also a six-time pro bowler and five-time first-team all-pro.

Owens has also led the league in getting touchdowns for three seasons and is a member of the NFL 2000 all-day team.

But while he was a world-class genius, he was also a world-class scatterbrain.

He had a locker room scattered and created divisions between the teams he played for.

Remember the feud he had with Donovan McNab when he was with the Philadelphia Eagles?

How do you do your own press conference while training in the front yard?

Owens also spit in the face of Atlanta Falcons cornerback Diangelo Hall.

For that reason, NFL team officials no longer take him seriously.

Every time he said he was still in the NFL, no one was giving him a chance because of his past transgressions.

His age doesn’t help much either.

That’s why he had to play fan-controlled football for the Japers and the Knights of DeGeneres.

This time, he’s in it again, claiming one more bold.

Owens said, “I guarantee you, I can run below 4.5.”

He is referring to the 40-yard dash which is a major thing during scouting combinations.

Can he meet this demand?

Two years ago, Owens ran a 40-yard dash 4.4-second range.

He has kept himself in shape for years, giving him the ability to meet his demands.

But even if he can still run fast, NFL teams should stay away from him.

At 48, he should enjoy the money he made from the league.

Instead, he still questions his motivation for claiming to be NFL-qualified.

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