Tariq Cohen has rotted his fortune throughout his career

Tariq Cohen of the Chicago Bears runs with the ball during training camp at Halas Hall on September 1, 2020 in Lake Forest, # 29, Illinois.
(Photo by Dylan Buell / Getty Images)

For Tariq Cohen’s NFL career, it was a struggle.

The one-time return all-star for the Chicago Bears is getting worse news.

After being released by the Bears before this offseason, the bad news didn’t stop there.

He will injure himself during the workout as he streamed it live on Instagram.

This is not the first time he has injured himself, as injuries have plagued him throughout his career.

A torn ACL and MCL ended his career with the Chicago Bears

When Bears released Cohen in March of this year, the reason for their release was his injury.

2020 saw him leave a game against the Atlanta Falcons in 3 weeks, including the torn ACL and MCL.

He did not play after that injury.

Since he missed both 2020 and 2021 due to broken ACL and MCL, the team has parted ways with him.

However, he thinks that he has fully recovered from the injury while going to practice this year.

But he was wrong.

It was during practice that he fell victim to the torn Achilles.

While recovering from the torn ACL and MCL, his luck is not good with the injury he suffered when he tore something else.

This is also due to the injury which caused him to fall out of pity.

The Bears saw Cohen as an all-star after a good season in 2018

In his second season with the Bears, Cohen posted some tough numbers as a return man.

He had plenty of receiving yard for someone who ran back.

His 2018 saw him with 411 punt return yards, 444 racing yards and 725 receiving yards.

It was also the best season of his career.

He didn’t improve in 2019, but that didn’t stop Chicago from believing in him.

They surrounded him thinking he would be able to improve in 2020.

However, they were wrong, because he was injured that year.

But Cohen’s misfortune was due to injury and his luck was good even after playing on the field.

Cohen signed a three-year extension just before he was injured

Cohen had some luck before landing at IR for two seasons.

A week before his ACL and MCL injuries, he signed a long-term extension with the Bears.

It was important for him to make that deal before the injury when he was injured.

He could have been released in 2021 if he had not completed the contract in advance.

So it takes him a little longer to get paid.

With his latest injury, is his career over?

Recovering from an ACL and MCL injury is bad enough.

Now Cohen has a torn Achilles for rehabilitation.

With these injuries, he will probably never regain his former glory.

This could cause NFL teams to be concerned about his durability as a player.

But for a short time, his career is over.

But if he can recover from this latest injury, and show that he is 100%, he can still have hope.

Although a return is possible, he will not return in 2022.

With him out for the third season in a row, he may decide to retire early from the NFL.

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