Tane Edmed rejects Force’s offer to sign new Tahs agreement

Ten Admed has put an end to speculation about his immediate future, resisting the apparent interest of Western forces to stay with Waratah for the next two seasons.

Injuries to Ben Donaldson and Will Harrison have made Edmund the club’s number one favorite and his impressive form has earned him the high honor of making Wallabis for the 2023 World Cup.

Edmed Hall is a product of Waratah and Club Rugby Path that graduated from the New South Wales Rugby Academy System and Elite Development Squad in 2021 with a full-time playing squad.

Trinity Grammar School Product was also named as Dave Dennis Elite Youth Development Player at the end of the 2020 season after taking his shoot shield side Eastwood to the grand finale in the first season of his 1st grade.

Tane Edmed (Photo by Getty Images)

“Yeah, it’s pretty incredible. I grew up here, I have a lot of close friends on the team and I have such a good feeling around the group,” AdMed said.

“The coaching group here is world class and I think it’s the best place for me as an individual and as a player and one of the main reasons I stay.

“The new facilities, the new stadiums and the incredible culture that we are creating, the future here is really exciting, so it would be foolish to leave.

“At the beginning of the season, DC asked us what kind of legacy we wanted to leave or what our goal was, and my part in this journey of rebuilding the Warta was to bring the team back to where it deserved it.

“I like to play for the Waratas and see myself here for years to come.”

Coleman says: “Ten had a breakout season and sometimes it shows that the boys just need a chance, and once he got it, he took it in both hands.

“It’s a great reflection of the quality of the Pathway system that he graduated from NSW School to our academy and then to the core team.

“Tane has a great future here if he continues to improve his game with the Warata and the Walabi.

“As a team man and as a person, he is first-class, he plays hard every week and the boys love him. We see from the game the Crusaders how much he cares about this team; He wears his heart in his hands which is great. “

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