Tane Edmed NSW Waratahs contract situation is similar to Super Rugby Club

Waratah assistant coach Jason Gilmore has said he wants to stay at the emerging No. 10 Ten Admed club, but admits he is suitable for hunting in another super rugby outfit.

Gilmore was asked on Thursday about the status of Edmund’s contract and his fight for dominance in the No. 10 jersey with Ben Donaldson at the club.

Earlier in the season, Donaldson’s presence was seen as a potential hurdle for Edmund to sign a new contract but an injury to Donaldson opened the door and his teammates took full advantage.

Although the quality of Edmund is clear, what is not is that he will play next season.

“Wants to be dragged,” Gilmore said. “Of course we can’t be fooled by other clubs with big offers and promising starting positions. But I think he mentions that he wants to go somewhere where he’s going to evolve and I know he’s happy here.

“It simply came to our notice then. In terms of dollar statistics it is a little above my salary scale and where it is but I know he is happy and we are keen to keep him.

“How we do it behind closed doors, it will probably be to talk to other blocks.”

What Gilmore can relay is the training ground clash between Edmund and Donaldson.

Donaldson has been moved to No. 15 this week, and Alex Newsom has been moved to No. 13 to replace the injured Izia Perez.

Gilmore admits it was easy for Peres to bring in veteran Jamie Roberts as a direct replacement, who is just an outside chance to reach the final.

“It was a tough one,” Gilmore said. “Dono probably started to get some good form off the bench. He’s a bit of a forgetful man – he was in good form until he got injured and he was playing well.

Waratas passes the Ten Admed Ball during a Round One Super Rugby Pacific match between Waratah and Fijian Drua at Combank Stadium on February 18, 2022 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Brett Hemings / Getty Images)

Ten Admed (Photo by Brett Hemings / Getty Images)

“Because we still wanted two ball players in the park [Lalakai Foketi’s] Looking to pick up the running game moment.

“Those boys between the ages of 10 and 15 give us two options to play on both sides of the field which we hope the boys will do well. “

He backed Newsome to make an impact as Perez’s replacement.

“Nobby is probably our smartest defender,” Gilmore said. “Izaia gives us that physique and speed but Nobby is really smart on that outside center channel. It’s not easy to defend and he’s done it before and we know what we got with it.

“It gives us stability through the center and gives Dono on the pitch the option of playing two balls.”

Gilmore said that although Donaldson could not win back the jersey he lost due to injury, he responded well.

“All the guys, there’s no drama knowing the attitude,” Gilmore said. “If they don’t start or they’re off the bench, they’re all rowing in the same direction.

“He knows Ten is playing good football and it’s good for the squad – it’s a competition. It drives Dono to rigorous training to get better and drives Ten to keep his jersey.

“The two boys are dizzy at the moment while training and Ten has taken the opportunity. It’s not that Dono played badly. The team has got good rhythm, a combination is being made.

“Dono was really patient but he is hungry and wants to go back to the park and start. This is probably not his preferred position but due to Izair’s injury it gives us the option to bring Dono back to the starting team.”

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