Take him down as Jayson Tatum continues to prove a loss

Jason Tatum of the Boston Celtics reacted to the # 0 Miami hit in the second quarter of Game Four of the 2022 NBA Playoff Eastern Conference Finals on May 23, 2022 at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.
(Photo by Elsa / Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics are back and a big reason is, again, Jason Tatum.

On Monday night Tatum and his squad fought hard – and well – and in the end, his Celtics 102-82 even won 2-2 in the Eastern Conference finals.

The whole team played very well but Tatum was of particular interest as he scored a team-high 31 points.

Monday night’s win means Tatum is averaging 32.6 points per game after losing in these play-offs.

And the Celtics are now 5-0 in those games.

Tatum and his Celtics are learning how to bounce back and this is one of their biggest strengths.

Boston bounces back

The Miami Heat picked up an amazing win in Game 3, winning 109-103 and taking a 2-1 lead.

They achieved this victory in Boston, which hit the Celtics in multiple ways and made the team fans very nervous.

However, Boston was able to recover and secure a huge victory by keeping the series alive.

As usual, Tatum was in great form all over the floor, leading his team and creating another incredible score for his team.

The challenge for Celtics is big because the team is heading back to Miami to continue the series.

Heat and Celtics both have hometown crowds and Heat has two games at home while the Celtics have just one left.

This means that the next few games will be intense as both teams try to outrun the other to reach the final.

The Celtics’ chances of winning the next two games are slim, though not impossible.

That means they may have to get another bounce-back in the near future.

Do they have it?

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