Super Rugby Tipping Panel Week 14: Tipping is bad again

Tipping sucks again. If I was honest I would be happy to leave it there, and if I could I would give up last week’s results altogether.

Can I give up last week’s results altogether? Maybe I can?

I probably can’t. I like to imagine that Tony would want something through a role and through some level recognition last week.

But why should we live in the past? Nick McArdol fixed this on last weekend’s Stan and Nine broadcasts, that perhaps we spend too much time looking back at the world of rugby? I mean who cares about past results?

Do they ever really tell us? I can’t think of anything meaningful right now.

However, I’m running out of time and space, so we should probably go straight to this week’s games.

And what a round it is. A super-size round with the addition of a round 10 make-up game between Moana Pacifica and Western Force on Tuesday. There are probably three out of seven games that seem fairly clear so far, and there is no doubt that the round match will be a top-of-the-table clash between the Brumbis and the Blues in Canberra on Saturday night. An absolute rapper I would be very happy to see very close and personal.

If play-off positions are decided too far ahead of last weekend’s round, I doubt there will be a few marble holes later this weekend. Just don’t ask me which marble though, because, you know, tipping sucks again.

Oh, and good job, Digger. Again.

Last week: Another bloody dig SixGeoff and The Crowd five, Harry four, Brett three.

Overall: The Crowd 56, Digger 54, Harry & Geoff 53, Brett 52


Tips: Crusader, Red, Chief, Hurricane, Blues, Highlander, Force

This is obviously true when they say it’s a long way to go if you want to rock and roll (approximately 14 rounds worth), although most just roll out 22. It’s a little inner joke there, it won’t get back

However, the games seem to be straightforward.

The Crusaders will probably have a field day and the Reds must find their first victory to stop their current losing streak, when neither the troops nor the rebels can stay away from home.

Crusaders Jordan runs for a try.

Crusaders Jordan runs for a try. (Photo: Paul Kane / Getty Images)

The two toughest games to choose from can be in Canberra and Dunedin.

The blues swayed them away from the pitch of their home and the Brumbies could frustrate them, seeing the style of the party that could knock them out of rhythm. But the original personal is missing and from what I understand the blues to be ‘big’ guns, I would support the blues to shout it out.

Varatara is definitely an opportunity in Dunedin. Their improvement from 2021 is quite surprising and promises to be a tight affair, but they have yet to show that they can come forward for the full 80 minutes, while the Highlanders have certainly proved that they can. Missing that ‘Perez’ spark is also rather helpless. Dynasty under the roof.

Make-up game, I don’t really know. I would like to pick the MP but, in the end, I decided to take the force and their strong set piece (and a little less travel in the lead) home.

Exactly: The coaches now, in a cunning-like-a-vessel defensive strategy, let their players pull the opposing team across their own goal line when their speed at tackle has stopped, resulting in a goal line dropout to reduce pressure. Very clever.


Tips: Crusader, Red, Chief, Hurricane, Blues, Waratah, Force

It has the feeling of one of them, ‘it all looks straight’ weeks become a trap.

This does not mean that with things so close to the tipping ladder, it’s time for Cody Taylor style, second guessing at the prop’s knee, and throwing darts. So the Crusaders and the Reds on Friday night and the Chiefs and Cannes on Saturday afternoons.

The Brumbies vs. Blues match should be made to look much better than what will be on all major channels, there may be many ways for the Blues to win. Sunday is the toughest match to tip, and the Highlanders have certainly improved, I like Tahs to finish the whole 80 minutes this week.

The catch-up match will not make for such an interesting look and things will depend on how much each party has played since the weekend. An overdue win groove ball.

Exactly: Clive Palmer has spent a squillion dollar that, come Saturday night, Craig Kelly will be prime minister. At the last minute, the 40-meter drop goal is likely to be as much as Z Hallway winning Sunday’s match.


Tips: Crusader, Red, Chief, Hurricane, Blues, Highlander, Moana Pacific

Every day, before the sun rises, Digger walks up a hill. As soon as he climbs up, he digs the dirt. He sees patterns on earth. The sun illuminates his choices. Over time he has improved in reading the symptoms.

In the beginning he saw the ball. Now he sees Drua. The digger knows us. She feels his choice. With his hands.

Lapsing is lapping. His coffee is not his either. She changes her name every day (Bread, Shawn, Beef, Pork Chop). She spreads her spreadsheets all over her sheets. She is reunited. Inside the house. She is falling.

The Crusaders are playing ball like the Hallway Pounders. Sadders by 30. At the moment the Reds are not dealing like the Queenslanders. Unfortunately for them, they welcome tackle-busting Moana who went crazy last week. I think it will come down to the last few minutes, but James O’Connor and Tate McDermott will defend their blues.

Hamilton will come alive as the zombie chiefs dominate the Leaky Force. Leg-drive human rights activist Hurricanes will clown Matador rebels. Young blues will be the victims of the aging broomis.

In the round in Dunedin, the Aussies will almost give Varata a break! Coach of the year! (Get on our pod, man!) But the Highlanders now have two ninees, and it’s like having a fullback at halfback.

And then the hardest pick: Moana vs. Force in a makeup. I’ll go with the fairly angry Moana who got a screw job in their first season, in reality.

Exactly: The Kiwis look for a tight five to regain dominance over the Irish, the French, the box and dare to say, Wallabis, continues. Props are not scary. The hookers hit the jumpers on the elbows and knees. Sam is beginning to resemble a Dickens character. Lord bones. Vai’i super, but a little smaller. Who will go ahead?


Tips: Crusaders, Reds, Chiefs, Hurricanes, Brumbis, Varatah, Force

Just then, without thinking too much about it, get into it directly.

The Crusaders would be great for Drua, just like Queensland in the Moana Pacific home, and a double-ditto for the Hurricanes on the rebels. Three of the seven were clearly visible, remember. Bish, bash, bash.

What is happening in Hamilton is less clear, now that Covid is back for the second time. Staying at home would be a big plus though, considering the distance the troops have to travel. How far, you ask? Well, last weekend they were advised to leave Perth before halftime.

There’s a hint of frustration about the Brumbies this week, a strong determination to prove that last week’s first half was an exception rather than a rule, and trying to get closer to the top-two carrots still in front of them. But it’s blues, so there’s no doubt I’m puffing my pants a bit about this game.

And Waratara will play like a stress reliever this week, as it probably is. Darren Coleman admitted last week that the fourth is probably out of reach, so now they are playing to see where they will travel in a fortnight. Also, the Highlanders’ attack is still somewhat up and down.

And to end Tuesday, oh, probably the hardest pick of the weekend. No idea which team will be in what position after the weekend, so it’s a bit of a guess. And I’ve landed troops. Because they will be in Auckland on Sunday morning.

Exactly: The Brumbeys are playing at home in the Australian national capital on the night of the federal election. This is going to be a terrible satire-festival: big swing instead of speed change, landslide victory, early winner announcement, a vote, concession speech; Lots.

Round 14 Harry Geoff Excavator Brett The crowd
Overall 53 53 54 52 56
Last week 4 5 6 3 5
CRU to DRU The Crusaders The Crusaders The Crusaders The Crusaders
Red vs. MOA Red Red Red Red
For CHI vs. Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Announced
HUR in REB Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane Friday afternoon
BRU to BRU Blues Blues Blues Brumbies
HIG vs. War Highlanders Waratahs Highlanders Waratahs
MOA vs. For (Rd.10) Pacific Ocean Tell me Tell me Tell me

Get your vote now – The Crowd’s Tips will be released on Friday afternoon.

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