Statistics tell the true story about Kirk’s cousin

Kirk Cousin of the Minnesota Vikings is running off the field after a 31-17 win over the Chicago Bears at the US Bank Stadium on January 09, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
(Photo by Adam Betcher / Getty Images)

With Kirk Cousins ​​receiving a one-year, $ 35 million extension from the Minnesota Vikings, some fans are demanding him to perform this season.

However, an examination of his NFL stats with him in Minnesota tells an interesting story.

Despite the criticism of the quarterback, he is not as bad as some fans believe he is.

He did his best to help them win the game.

But the Minnesota defense has disappointed him.

Other times it’s his own crime and the lack of weapons outside of Dalvin Cook and Adam Thilen that hurt him.

Even with these events, fans are still demanding a play-off appearance from him this season.

Is the lack of playoff attendance only on cousins?

The Cousins ​​’first season with Minnesota in 2018 saw him post a career-high 30 touchdowns.

However, the team went 8-7-1 that season and missed the NFL playoffs.

He lost several games on defense, which did not stop the team from scoring.

A match-up against the Green Bay Packers saw the Cousins ​​throw for four touchdowns in a game that ended in a tie.

They also lost a shootout 38-31 against the Los Angeles Rams, where he had three touchdowns and 422 passing yards.

Minnesota would have advanced to the playoffs if they had won these two games.

Yet the fans put everything at the feet of the cousins.

This is not fair to him when he is performing and doing everything to win the game.

However, there are fans who will not see it that way with cousins.

They think he’s being paid extra for what he sees as a mediocre quarterback.

But this is not entirely true.

Although the 35 million is excessive, he does his best to lead the Vikings in the games.

In 2022, he will need a defense to help prevent the opponent from losing the game.

Will Vikings Defense allow cousins ​​to find glory in 2022?

With the Vikings’ defenses shattered during a critical game, will they be able to hold on in 2022?

They are ranked 29th in 2020 and 24th in 2021 and need a tremendous improvement to help their cousins.

However, 2022 may be a different tune for Minnesota.

They fired their head coach and defensive coordinator.

They let Anthony Barr and Xavier Woods go to the company for free.

From now on 2022 will see Ed Donatell and his 3-4 defensive schemes in games.

Also, the team has signed former Green Bay Packers linebacker Zadarias Smith.

He has an extraordinary defensive talent and is hungry to return to the football field after being absent last season.

Vikings cornerback Chandon Sullivan and Nate Harston have also signed.

With new talent in defense, and new coaching, cousins ​​may have a defense to help him.

If the defense has improved over the last two seasons, the Cousins ​​could have more play-offs under his belt.

However, this is not the reason why fans blamed him instead of defending the team’s plight.

But Minnesota hopes to make some changes in 2022 with their defense and change their fortunes.

If their defense could show up in 2022, the Vikings could finally make it to the playoffs again and the Cousins ​​could be freed from unnecessary criticism.

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