Should Colts be noticed in the backup QB?

Details of the Indianapolis Colts helmet Tycoon Lewis # 94 before the San Francisco 49ers play at the Lewis Stadium on October 24, 2021 in Santa Clara, California.
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The Indianapolis Colts seem open to the idea of ​​adding more experienced experience to their quarterback roster.

Rumors of Indy strengthening its quarterback rank have been circulating for the past week.

The current list of serviceable free-agent quarterbacks is very thin, to say the least.

However, there are some names worth mentioning – they could be a tough competition for Sam Ehlinger, James Morgan and Jack Conn for Matt Ryan’s backup quarterback spot in 2022.

Let’s shape the experienced signal-callers who deserve to wear The Horseshoe this season.

3. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Chances are Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t want his nomads, yet the colorful 18-year NFL career ended the way he did in Washington last year.

Fitzpatrick underwent season-and-hip surgery in his only season for the then-Washington football team.

Injuries limited him to only one presence in the country’s capital.

Before that, Fitzpatrick had his own with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins.

He had 17 touchdown passes in just eight games for the Bucs in 2018.

Fitzpatrick had 33 touchdown passes in his two-year term with the Dolphins in 2019 and 2020.

Even two years ago his career-high completion rate for Miami was 68.5 percent.

If Fitzpatrick is in motion to finish his recovery from hip surgery, the Colts should take a chance on him.

Although Fitzpatrick will turn 40 in the fall, he still has one or two years left in his tank.

2. Nick Falls

Of the current crop of available free-agent veteran quarterbacks, Nick Falls is the best available.

Admittedly, since his incredible 27-touchdown season with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, Falls has not been the same.

However, Foles has two advantages.

For one, he is six years younger than Fitzpatrick.

He still has a few good years left.

Second, the Folles have a history with Colts head coach Frank Reich – two who helped the Eagles beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl LII four years ago.

Indie didn’t have much of a chance with Reich’s reunion with Carson Wentz last season.

Hopefully, a potential Falls and Reich reunion in Indy will work out well.

1. The Colts will serve at QB in 2022

What about Colts Trading for Baker Mayfield?

This is a far-reaching possibility – although Mayfield Matt Ryan expressed strong interest in signing with the Colts before the acquisition, his perseverance and generosity remain a major red flag.

Mayfield is not suitable for horseshoes.

For its part, Indy’s best alternatives to backup experienced QB spots are Fitzpatrick and Falls.

The Colts adds experienced geniuses to the young and inexperienced backup QB roster, regardless of the choice of GM Chris Ballard, the Fitzpatrick or Falls team.

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