Shohei Ohtani has ridiculous nicknames for a teammate

Shohai Ohtani of Los Angeles is celebrating # 17 in Anaheim, California after hitting a grand slam against Tampa Bay Rey in the seventh inning on May 09, 2022 at Anaheim's Angel Stadium.
(Photo by Ronald Martinez / Getty Images)

The two-way Phenom Show in Los Angeles is best known for its ability to pitch like Ohtani Tucker and run a 450+ foot home run.

But there is more to it than that.

Of course, he is arguably the best baseball player of all time.

He is ruling the AL MVP above all.

But he also has a penchant for humor.

Jambay Media Angels tweeted a collage of Ohtani’s hangout with shortstop Tyler Wade and revealed that Ohtani has a funny nickname for his teammates.

He calls Wade “Ikemen”, which means “hot guy” in Japanese, because people in Japan call him Wade when they see his picture with Ohtani.

Humor MVP

Ohtani may be an MVP on the baseball field, but he seems to be an off-field MVP with his unique sense of humor.

Clearly, the people of Japan think Wade is a handsome friend.

But what a ridiculous nickname for Wade that was given to him by the greatest player in the game.

That’s some pretty healthy respect right.

Who wouldn’t want to call Shohei Ohtani a “hot guy”?

It’s just an honor.

Wade is fortunate to have received so much respect from his All-Star teammates.

It’s nice to be seen in such high cases.

People in Japan already love Ohtani, but now they have a reason to love Wade too.

But those people deserve a ton of credit for bringing that nickname.

There is reason to think Wade is special now.

He got the whole country behind him and referred to him as the “Hot Guy”.

What could be better than that?

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