Seahawks can prove that they are not rebuilding in 1 week

The Seattle Seahawks are preparing for the DK Metcalfe # 14 before the game against the Los Angeles Rams on December 21, 2021 at Sophie Stadium in Inglewood, California.
(Photo by Jane Camin-Onsia / Getty Images)

Seattle Seahawks started the NFL 2022 season with a primetime game against the Denver Broncos.

The two quarterbacks faced their former team in Monday night’s football game.

Russell Wilson wants to show the Seahawks that they shouldn’t have traded him.

However, this game may also show that Seattle is not in rebuild mode if Drew Lock wins the game.

But it will take everything for Seattle to win against their former Super Bowl MVP quarterback.

He knows their system and what they want to say about crime and defense.

So could Seattle face the task this Monday night and overtake the Broncos during a primetime game?

Seattle still has two great receivers, the DK Metcalfe and the Tyler Locket

Lock arrives in Seattle with a pair of receivers, both of which have 1,000+ yard receivers in the same year.

This gives Seattle the edge and gives the impression that they are not in rebuild mode.

This gives their young quarterback the best two weapons he can ever ask for in a wide receiver position.

Even if Metcalfe drops a bit in 2021, he can rebound with the lock with two clicks on the NFL preseason.

The Lockett is a solid go-to wide receiver that should have no problem running 1,000 yards again in 2022.

However, there is much more to Seattle’s story that shows they are not in rebuild mode.

Seattle has shown that they are building around locks

When Seattle had the opportunity to draft a quarterback, they instead drafted the offensive linemen needed to draft the 2022 NFL.

They have passed every quarterback with their first round selection.

With only one quarterback selected in the first round, Seahawks continue to pass the rest of the quarterback.

They did not draft a quarterback or trade.

Instead, they stick to the lock and form a team around it.

Seattle believes the young quarterback can do something with the team.

With extra protection for him and two tough receivers, that trust can be well placed in him.

However, the Broncos game will be its first test in this building episode showing the Seattle people.

What does Locke have to show that he can lead in Seattle?

During his rookie season, Locke enjoyed a great start to his career.

He went 4-1, impressing the people of Denver.

However, his next season was flawed and plagued with injuries.

He fell to a 4-9 record and had the worst touchdown in the interception ratio to start quarterback in 2020.

When he was admitted to Teddy Bridgewater in 2021, he went 0-3.

However, at the beginning of these three, he had a touchdown and zero interruptions.

He may have taken a corner to save the ball.

But we won’t know for sure until we see him in action in precision and regular season.

If he learns from his past mistakes, he could be a leader for Seattle crime.

He spoke to Payton Manning for some help playing quarterback while in Denver.

So by 2022 he could become the leader to replace Seattle Wilson.

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