Russia is facing a new crisis as more workers leave

In a new crisis for the struggling AFL club, three recruits have left North Melbourne a week before the draft mid-season.

Kangaroo National Recruiting Manager Mark Finnigan and Players Chief of Staff Glenn Loof resigned on Tuesday, while teammate Ben Berthisel left last week.

It is understood Finnigan will join Hawthorne.

Their departure, amid unconfirmed reports that they were disappointed at the club, left football boss Brady Rawlings and veteran AFL recruiter Scott Clayton as the only members of their full-time recruiting staff.

The trip comes amid reports that last year’s number one draft pick, Jason Horn-Francis, was in talks with the club for an undisclosed interstate trip to the North.

Horn-Francis flew to Adelaide for Mother’s Day after losing their round to Fremantle, and after a series of short flights, he missed Round Nine with hamstring titans.

The young star has postponed his contract with the club until the end of the season.

North is second-last on the ladder with just one win in 10 games and is ahead of West Coast in percentage.

They have not reached the final since 2016, and second-year coach David Noble had to defend himself earlier this month when he gave his players a post-game spray.

Details of what happened shortly after Brisbane lost by 108 points in the third round have been leaked to the media.

“The motive was right, I believe there is still room for direct and firm engagement with your playing group, but just delivery was probably not the right time,” Noble said.

“We all get emotional at that point.”

Noble added that the report was annoying about the harsh addresses of some of the young Kangaroos players, as far as he was aware it was not true.

Noble also denied reports of a major change in his game plan, with North’s only win of the year coming against the West Coast team in the second round.

Following this latest drama, Rawlings said on Tuesday night that he was ready for the Northern season draft even after losing three employees.

But he acknowledged it was a shock.

“I don’t think there’s an ideal time for you to lose staff. It’s always a challenge, “Rawlings told 3AW.

“We’re really well prepared (for the draft). From now until next Wednesday nothing will change that will affect everything we do for the pre-season.”

He added that Berthisel had been approached to leave the AFL industry and left with his blessings.

Finnigan was at Arden St. for 17 years when Barthisel joined the Kangaroos in 2018 with a jump more than a decade ago.


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