Royce Lewis quickly proved that he was wasting time in Triple-A

Royce Lewis, # 23 of the Minnesota Twins, threw the first base to knock out Oakland Athletics Sheldon News in the eighth inning in Target Field on May 8, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Teams across the league today wore pink in honor of Mother's Day.  Jamjara defeated Athletics 4-3.
(Photo by David Birding / Getty Images)

When Minnesota Twins star Carlos Correa injured his finger several weeks ago, the team decided to give their most valuable prospect, Royce Lewis, a shot at the Majors.

Lewis did not give up and took advantage of his time with the Twins, hitting .308 / .325 / .564 with two home runs in 40 plate appearances.

Korea recovered, and sent Twins Lewis to St. Paul’s St. in Triple.

They did it simply because there was no place for him in the MLB roster to play every day.

For all the injuries and setbacks in his professional career, it’s easy to forget that Lewis is still 22 years old.

In fact, Lewis has not batted too much in his career.

Most prospects require the presence of a price plate of about one year in high juveniles.

But Lewis just isn’t a possibility.

“Royce Lewis is now 3-for-3 with Homer and Triple with a walk to St. Paul. Trevor Larnach blasted a 3-run homer with four at-bats in a rehab assignment at Wichita in the doubles, “Athletics’ Dan Hayes tweeted last night.

He seems ready to shine in the MLB

Looks like Lewis is having some fun in Triple-A, isn’t it?

He is obviously ready for the MLB, but the twins want him to have more regular play time in Triple-A than on the Major League bench.

This is a fundamentally correct decision, but the player is likely to be the shortstop of future twins.

He is hitting .333 / .450 / .611 in Triple-A in 2022 with four explosions and nine thefts before and after being called.

The thing is, after this season Korea could come out of his contract, he might very well opt-in to the contract and stay for the next two seasons.

Korea is a top offensive player and an elite defender, so if that is the case then Lewis should start learning another position.

Either way, the twins in Triple-A seem to be making a difference.

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