Robinson Canoe has shown enough for the Padres to take a chance

Robinson Canoe of the New York Mets watches # 24 before a baseball game against the Washington Nationals in a National Park in Washington, DC on April 8, 2022.
(Photo by Mitchell Layton / Getty Images)

Robinson Cano, recently released from the New York Mets, has another chance at the MLB: the San Diego Padres want to see if there’s anything left in his left-handed bat.

Judging by his 2022 performance with the Mets, it’s hard to see: after all, he hit with just one home run, in the presence of 43 plates, including .195 / .233 / .268 .501 OPS.

The Mets, needing a roster spot, nominate him for appointment and leave him.

But Padres is taking a chance, and if we expand the sample and search, there might be something to work on here.

“It’s partly because Padres is taking shots at the canoe. 2022 statistics, winter ball: 17 games: 64 PA = .344 / .419 / .406 /.825. Spring Training: 8 Games: 27 PA = .360 / .407 / .440 / .847. MLB: 12 ​​Games: 43 PA = .195 / .233 / .268 / .501 * * Released, “MLB Insider John Heyman tweeted.

The next number of triple slashes at each stop is its OPS (on-base plus slagging percentage).

Decreased power production

In the limited sample, he performed well in winter ball and spring training with .825 and .847 OPS marks, respectively.

However, there is also a worrying trend that is not mentioned by Heyman: his lack of power.

Generally speaking, it is difficult to hit home runs in the Winter League for many reasons, but his .062 isolated strength was not good.

In spring training he had a .080 isolated strength and a .073 mark on the MLB.

Sluggers typically exceed 200 of the isolated capacity, and Kano’s career mark is .188.

In terms of power production, he is better than his speed, and more at-bat can help his bat wake up, it was not given, especially at the age of 39.

Kano’s best years are probably behind him, but in San Diego he has a non-zero chance that he could rebound a bit.

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