Richie Munger’s tackling stats show he’s not too much on his edge

A few seasons ago, I exchanged posts on these boards with our expert and Dwayne Brett McCoy about the need to educate, not just entertain, rugby media.

Our game is very complex for its own good and provides its own barrier for new entrants, the competitive game of rugby league keeps the spade on us.

We don’t really see fan-boy commentary to capture new fans when we see them playing Brumbies or Blues at home, and we all know who is to blame for them, but there is a chance to improve in 80 minutes. Making things like current fans ’knowledge and scrums, stools and why cut passes is usually a bad thing just a little bit clean.

One of the reasons I like writing here Roar People are well protected with their expert rank, well-observed, clearly defined, examples and numbers, and well-defined at the core, where local biases are recognized and clear.

I’ve got the reasons for the networks, and these are the people who pay the best revenue for the product, want to make things exciting (even if they aren’t) and the commenters want to make heroes and hyping up the main drama.

But of course the existing audience has a responsibility to get things right, to be accurate, to do your homework and to raise awareness and long-term supporters. After all, we are the people who pay for the merchandise, drive or fly the miles to follow our teams (and take that promise internationally), and of course, we are the people who pay for the television subscriptions that make up the whole thing. . Something is possible in the first place.

This week, I’ve heard multiple claims from one of New Zealand’s leading rugby commentators – I see very little value in naming a person, but he’s in every rugby supporter’s lounge (or depending on your accommodation) – which is what most people’s eyes tell them. Far from it, I wonder if there is a performance review or challenge process, or do we just let the broadcasters mess with their opinions, burdened with accuracy?

This example is particularly timely, as in my last part on the different game plans of Scott Robertson and Leon MacDonald vs. Brumbis, I noticed that some of the Richie Munger run numbers were posted on Twitter and they were so dimensional. They were worth expanding into a separate article before the final series.

So the timely opportunity that they are is an excellent example of the need for accuracy of our leading commentators.
On Breakdown This week, the main character made two observations.

The first is that Munga lost his running game, and the second is that his distribution was bad, sitting in his pocket and propping before being too late. No matter who your favorite player is for the All Blacks 10 shirt later this year, you have a long way to go to reach this conclusion.

A test of the running game’s claims doesn’t match the numbers posted by Munga, and I said it’s a big deal and worthy of further investigation.

Opta statistics show that Munga has been No. 4 for the tackle bust for the season so far; Add to that the super rugby stats in which he is currently fifth for beating defenders and eighth for total offload.

Tackle busts are like noticing that what our eyes tell us is true and Moana Pacifica’s Timosi Tavatavanai leads the table.

Now, back to the precision of those who entertain and inform us in our great game.

Needless to say, I think the raw numbers tell the story of a player who has had a great season with the ball in hand.

But the main thing for me is that in each of these categories, which are usually influenced by wings and fullbacks, Munga is the first five-eighth in the entire competition to be represented in any one of these top ten.

Ritchie Munga of the Crusaders runs for an attempt

(Photo by Kai Schweizer / Getty Images)

Only No. 10 – If he has a bad season with his running game, it’s not good for anyone else. Decisive and indisputable, I think.

It doesn’t take long for the claim to be broken as its distribution game is below standard.

A quick glance at the list of top scorers reveals that Leicester Fingaanuku is at the top with ten and Sevu Rees and Will Jordan are at the second with eight. Either Brian Hall has made a hell of a pass since last season or the Crusaders have been doing a pretty good job of distributing the ball between the back fullbacks and the wings inside.

To nail the last nail in the coffin of our comment, Richie Mounger has been instrumental in this endeavor for over 20 years!

Some would argue that the condition of being wrong is an absolute one, but there are clearly different levels of how wrong one can be. For example, it is wrong to describe a tomato as a vegetable, but it is even more wrong to describe it as a warship.

The above claims are firmly in the ‘Tomato is a warship’ section.

We are the core of support for paid public, television networks – we need better, more accurate, quality monitoring.

A final observation.

Our game is changing rapidly, changes in laws and strategies can seriously provide a game that is significantly different, almost year after year, so why do we play a game that plays a game that is so different from today’s rent that is almost irrelevant. ?

One of the reasons Ruby Twi and Hani Hirem enjoyed the observation was the novelty of their playing careers.

There may be times when updating the block side of the commenting desk with some of the players who played the game when the ball was not laced.

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