Response: ‘Suppose we apologize’ – hit by referee, improved by

All Blacks star Bouden scored a drop after Barrett Siren led New Zealand to a 21-19 victory over Brumbis, Australia’s best, in a super rugby thriller in Canberra this season.

The Brumbies hit the front within two minutes of the game, but unable to stop it, the Wallabies locked Darcy Swain with a significant error that gave the Blues a chance, which they clinically occupied to extend their winning streak straight to 12.

The Brumbies were always under gun but after two rolling mall attempts in the second half stunned the table leaders to take what could be their best one in super history.

They lost 18-5 on referee Damon Murphy’s penalty count and 9-1 in the first period.

“Usually our boys have shown a lot of heart tonight,” said Brumbs captain Alan Alalatoa. “Our backs were against the wall all night. The penalty count was 16-5 and something was wrong but I think we’ll apologize in a week.

“We played most of the first half in our D zone and saved the heart out. I don’t think we got the green rub but we got ahead in 79 minutes, it’s huge. “

The Blues face Hoskins Sotutu during a Round 14 Super Rugby Pacific match between the ACT Brumbies and the Blues on May 21, 2022 at the GIO Stadium in Canberra, Australia.  (Photo by Mark Nolan / Getty Images)

Hoskins Sotutu of the Blues has been tackled by Andy Muerhead. (Photo by Mark Nolan / Getty Images)

With the Brumbies off a flying start, Pete Samu passes in three minutes before the swine is caught stealing a lineout. It was a lead until about two minutes after the half-time siren sounded, and there was virtually one-way traffic.

That blues, who went to the break just 8-7 ahead of Bouden Barrett’s effort in the final half of the game, spoke volumes for Brumbis’ defensive strength.

Losing weight by a 9-1 penalty count, and with just 25 percent possession in the first half, the Brumbiras were forced to a desperate period of desperate defense.

Folau Fainga and Swain both spent 10 minutes in Sean Bean and the Blues enjoyed two-man benefits for more than a minute. But Faina did well to block an attempt before his yellow card and the Blues kept the line on three occasions.

Brumbis coach Dan McKeller was clearly upset with referee Damon Murphy’s first-half performance, and while his claim that the team was knocked out 12-1 on penalties was an exaggeration, his assessment of Brumbis’ bravery was spot on.

At one point winger Andy Muerhead had to join the Brumbis pack as they tried to stem the tide, with the crowd erupting whenever Murphy raised his arm or waved a yellow card.

Nick White drops out of the sideline as the pressure increases, but the Blues find the necessary solidarity until the last scrum of the half and dives to try for a second pass from Barrett base.

The halftime break gives the Brumbies a chance to reset and they take it. With 11 left in the second half, Roger Twivasa-Shake threw the ball into midfield and White picked it up, his short-legged run towards the Blues trilogy running as fast as he could.

The RTS was able to bring him down 10 meters, but did so illegally, slapping White on the ground with his hands around his scrap. Background Chase All Blacks winger Caleb Clarke blows Hammy off and has to leave the game.

The Brumbies chose to kick for the sidelines and soon after they brought their famous Rolling Mall into action. The blues broke as he passed in his fourth and 33rd career attempt of the Finga season.

Tuivasa-Shake, who is creating a challenge for the All Blacks to play this season, returns with a crucial line break in the 65th minute and shortly after returning to the front of the Blues. Replacement prop Carl Tu’inukuafe surprised the Brumbies by pressing on the line moment after stealing possession under the swine post.

A blues penalty pushes the blues to six but the Brumbeys keep coming and a penalty lets them go back to a familiar well.

Tom Banks kicked the line and Brumbis was ruthless from the lineout, Billy Pollard crossing for a carbon copy of Finger’s attempt.

Lolesio was nervous from near the sideline.

The Brumbies had 40 seconds left to play but the Swine lost it. As soon as the siren sounded, the Blues entered Brumbis 22. Murphy gave the Blues a penalty but they didn’t need to, Barrett sinking his drop goal.

“It almost saw the impact and nature of the intensity of the Test match,” Barrett said. “We knew you had a hell of a fight when you got to Canberra and we got it.”

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