Response: ‘Bleeding through the heart’

The Melbourne rebels did not defeat Hurricane on the east side of our great, salty divide. And cold, foggy – or what Wellingtonians call a regular Saturday night in a cake tin – it doesn’t seem to be happening at this point either.

In fact, at face value this game was a physical affair that never reached heights. It seems strange to say in a game where 10 try and 67 points are born. But here it is: Hurricane has gone up to $ 1.07, and as the game progresses it has shrunk.

“It was a story like the last few weeks,” said Michael Wells, the rebel captain. Stan Sport After the defeat. “We are bleeding from the heart in the middle of the rock. You can’t let people get in the way of an adult game.

“Our offensive line – everyone likes to carry it and we have some big ball-runners. We didn’t just do the same on the defensive side of the ball. We’re not closing the square in line so we’re closing the weak shoulder. It will hurt us. “

Do it. All night. As Wells puts it – they go in the middle at will, then widen when the hole is closed.

Early in the third minute, Julian Savia scored in his 57th attempt for the Hurricanes’ The Bus’ – the second-highest in franchise history after TJ Perenara (58) – when he out-paced the rebels’ cover and went out more likely to catch airborne Ebola. .

Shortly afterwards, the rebels defeated Reese Witherspoon and Matt Toomua kicked a penalty kick. They will exchange Hajj for three.

It’s always going to be tough. Without Hajj’s Thunder boots, impossible. Perenara soon hits Billy Proctor, who ran into a fine 13-line and sank to the bottom of the post where Hodge could be.

The hurricanes hit each other periodically, driving along the middle and falling off the floor. It was like a river. There was a sense of inevitability of Blake Gibson’s effort following the 5m lineout and rolling mall.

Hurricanes' Jordi Barrett has been tackled.

Hurricanes’ Jordi Barrett has been tackled. (Photo by Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images)

The rebels retaliated, however, by launching an attempt for Lucas Ripley to replace their own rolling Maule Hodge. Miss Toomua Conversion. The bay was 11.

Chunky Cannes Lock James Blackwell could not score despite many attempts but he hit a hole like a proctor and went well as untouched.

As time on the clock increased, Cannes went 100 meters away from a penalty, gaining two lineouts, a pile of stages and a driving mall. But the rebels held them back. And at half time it was 26-8.

Ripley had another one after constant pressure to keep the game alive, but it would never last. The hurricanes hit 100 again, and after almost every man touched the ball the man reached the most unlikely, reserve prop Asafo Aumua, and planted.

It was full rugby. It was a training exercise. It’s over.

Jordi Barrett, Aiden Morgan and Ripley were then tried for their hat-tricks, before referee Williams signaled before the fork in the game that it was over – a 21-point win for the home team.

“I’m critical of our team but it shouldn’t take anything away from Canes,” Wells said Stan Sport The whole time

“They were great. Proper respect – they’ve thrown their swords at us every time.”

Hurricanes captain and ornamental TJ Perenara said: “We were really happy for a big part of it. At the beginning of the second half we were not happy with our skill set. But we fixed it and it went well.

“We played some great footy.”

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