Purple Rumor Mill: Jellyn Tyman A Starter, Constant Jesse Traitor Talk, No Buy

Vikings Defender wants a complete resurgence

Jelen Twiman

Vikings TerritoryOf Purple rumor mill A two-day chronicle every week. Rumors spread throughout the week on Saturday and Sunday articles in two spots – for review. Today is the 15th May edition.

Remember – rumors are Rumors. What you read in these pieces over the weekend is that the world is talking about the Vikings, not necessarily items that will be fruitful.

Rumors: Jaylen Twyman 2022 will start for the Vikings.

October 26, 2019; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Defensive lineman Jelly Twiman of the Pittsburgh Panthers. Compulsory Credit: Charles Leclerc – USA Today Sports

The rumors stemmed from ESPN’s current depth for Minnesota.

We think this deep chat is wrong because Armon Watts could probably start with Twiman. Defender of the second year, Toyman has a great release story going on – he was shot more than once last year – but is unlikely to start in September.

Watts has achieved the task based on his performance in 2021, and Twain will probably not look good enough to overtake him in the summer.

What’s more, the Vikings could sign another inline lineman like Akim Hicks, Sheldon Richardson, or Larry Ogunzobi.

Rumors: The seemingly daily chatter about former Browns center Jesse Trater is finally signing with the Vikings.

December 20, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Cleveland Browns Center Jesse Trater. Compulsory Credit: Scott Galvin – USA Today Sports.

It won’t go away until Trater signs Viking or somewhere else – or retire.

There are two elements to the game:

  1. The Vikings have had the experience of securing tough passes at the center for three years in a row.
  2. Traitor is one of the best pass-blocking centers in the world.

This creates a frenzy of speculation – especially since the traitor came from the Cleveland Browns, where Vikings boss Quesie Adopho-Mensah worked.

Also, Trater’s father, Joe, is on fire on social media, wanting his son to play for the Vikings.

There are enough question marks about Trater’s health – or there are additional rumors. But if he’s healthy, he’ll continue to whisper in the fictional Vikings free-agent chat.

Union makes a lot of sense.

Rumors: The Vikings refused a week after the London showdown with the Saints at Week 4.

In 2022 the Vikings gained more steam in London
Image courtesy of Wallpaperaccess.com

This is true and it is no longer a rumor.

The early farewell weeks did not really do any good for the rival football teams. And guess what? The Vikings plan to compete in 2022. So, they’ve been lobbying the league for the next two weeks – and they’ve got the will.

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The former Vikings joined the WR Bears

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