PFF has named 3 best Vikings players for 2022 and QB is not one of them.

The PFF Vikings have named 3 of the best players and QB is not one of them.

Cousins ​​of Dalvin Cook and Kirk

At the end of the 2021 NFL season, Kirk was graded by the Cousins Pro football focus As the team’s second best player. These scores were either wrong in the beginning, or for some unknown reason surpassed the Cousins ​​this offseason.

Per PFFThese were the final grades for the Vikings’ top 5 players:

  1. WR – Justin Jefferson (90.1)
  2. QB – Cork Cousin (88.2)
  3. EDGE – Daniel Hunter (80.8)
  4. S – Harrison Smith (77.9)
  5. DT – Dalvin Tomlinson (74.9)

Now, though, the situation is apparently different. PFF Each team ranked the top three performers for the 2022 season, and here are the new ideas:

Pro football focus

While most Vikings viewers wouldn’t consider the Cousins ​​as one of the team’s top three overall players, the grade creator, PFFAs advertised in January.

The final-season grades actually line up with Justin Jefferson and Daniel Hunter’s “new best” players. And, to be honest, it’s almost impossible to argue with Jefferson and Hunter Outside In the top three of the Vikings.

The “argument” with Dalvin Cook became spicy, though – if anyone believes PFFIts matrix, in general.

Number only: Vikings offensive rankings after 14 weeks
December 9, 2021; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; The Minnesota Vikings are trailing Dalvin Cook. Compulsory Credit: Brace Hemelgarn – USA Today Sports

Cook was ranked as the 42nd-best runner in the NFL in 2021, per PFFIts scoring system. He lived in an area of ​​virtue 2021 somewhere between Alex Collins (Seahawks) and Rex Burkhead (Texan).

He was the author of three best rankings per team Ben LinseyAnd he called Cook’s 2021 performance “a career-high from 89.0 in 2020 to a grade-slide to a career-low of 65.8 in an injury-ridden campaign last season.”

So, obviously, Cook’s poor season – according to PFF standards – was responsible for the injury. And, underlying, Cook’s figures bounce back Forward According to the performance of the quarterback PFF.

There was a cousin PFFThe sixth-best quarterback league in 2021, so in five months, the 42nd-best in the NFL [and injury-riddled] RB 2022 is back with estimates to knock out the sixth-best passers in the league since last season.

This is quite an achievement and a prediction for Cook.

Linsey concluded that Cousins, Brian O’Neill, Jaderius Smith, Harrison Smith, and Adam Thieln were considered for the top 3 spot.

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