People are running with “Cousin Is Not Elite” as if it is breaking news

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The Minnesota Vikings hired a split quarterback, Kirk Cousins. He is the eighth-highest earner per season among NFL passers.


In any season since 2015, the Cousins ​​typically finish statistically between the 7th and 12th-best quarterbacks in the league. Last year, he was almost in 9th place when combining all the credible metrics.

And since the Cousins ​​hold the eighth-highest dollar in the league, some fans have been demanding elite-level performances since the age of 33.

But he is not an elite quarterback.

When the perpetual “cousin debate” takes another flamesexing turn on Friday Viking eraA popular site covering the Vikings, announcing that the news broke Vikings Admittedly, cousins ​​are not elite.

The story was bizarre because only Vikings fan borders declare cousins ​​as high-level QBs in the same mold as Patrick Mahoms or Tom Brady. Do you know the voice of a trusted scholar or Vikings who says cousins ​​are a top 3 quarterback?

Probably not.

Still, Viking era General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, who spoke with Pro Football TalkIts Mike Florio this week, “Look, Kirk is a really good quarterback. Yes, elite, special quarterback play is important when you study what you have historically won in the NFL. But there is another way to win. “

Honestly, Adopho-Mensah’s words confirm what Vikings fans already know – the 2022 Vikings plan to support cousins ​​with a roster that harmonizes its strengths. The Los Angeles Rams and Matthew Stafford used the same tactics in 2021, and the team’s offense was coordinated by the Vikings’ new head coach Kevin O’Connell.

Far be it from the “not elite” breaking news as a cousin. Confirmation of the concept of Adopho-Mensah is honest and simple. Did Adopho-Mensah previously claim that cousins ​​were aristocrats? She didn’t. So, it is not clear why his admission with Florio is newsworthy.

At least fans can gather from the Florio interview and Viking era Articles that will anger the cousin controversy over the summer. And always remember – from day one, the fuss about his employment with the Vikings about money.

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