Payne Haas could win the title or earn বেতন 1.2 million a year – but she can’t.

And so, again, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

It would be nice to talk about how he was named to play in his eighth State of the Origin match and to decide if he would start off the bench or not.

But instead, he and his new management have decided that in mid-contract and mid-season, playing their best footballer at the Broncos club for the rest of Haas’ time, it was time to seek immediate release.

It was a shocking act of selfishness, perhaps the only smile that showed shame when he said he was “upset” by being raised by Brisbane fans in their game against the Titans on Friday night.

What did he honestly expect to happen? Will there be sympathy and understanding from fans that a man earning $ 750,000 this season, the next $ 800,000 and 20 850,000 in 2024 is getting paid so low that he is entitled to be stamped on a contract he has signed himself?

Now I’ve set it apart before, because poor Payne and the money he thinks he deserves has been going on for ages now.

Pain smiles.

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But as a quick refresher, Haas’s current, six-year contract with the Broncos was signed in 2018, valued at a total of 3.64 million (initially $ 3 million but the Broncos apparently showed the decency to upgrade him without asking anything), returning in ’18, and so on. Signed when he was – as I mentioned last August – “an injured teenager who didn’t even play 40 minutes of first-grade football”.

It was a show of great faith from Red Hill and they continued to support Hask in the years that followed, notably when he acted as a rogue off the field – even as a criminal.

So how will he repay their trust and support? He demanded immediate release from his contract because the club had not bowed to his demands.

According to Danny Weidler over the weekend, those demands are, “Haas wants to extend his contract for three more years, not six. He wants 1 1 million for next year and 2024, and he wants 1. 1.2 million for 2025.

First, Danny, he won’t extend his contract for another three years if he has already signed up for both of them. That’s an extension One Years

So according to Wadler’s previously mentioned numbers, Haas wants a $ 350,000 upgrade to his current contract and in return, he is willing to offer another year.

In fact, Haas is seeking a 350,000 signing bonus for his promise of an additional one year – oh, and he will receive another hefty salary increase for that one year, claiming $ 1.2 million for the 2025 season.

Surprisingly, the Broncos are not interested in this new deal. Because, you see, it’s a bad deal for them. So they are looking to be engaged in “an ongoing dialogue about expanding his current contract.”

But smile? He just wants to leave now, because he thinks his current contract – which, again, he signed at the age of 18 and before that he even ran 100 meters in first grade, but still more valuable than what he will earn in his lifetime – is under him. It is very unfair to continue.

Weidler further added that this is not the reason why Haas wants to walk Really Money but his will has performance clause in his contract.

“Haas wants to get out of his contract if they don’t make the best eight in one year of his new contract, or if they don’t make the best six in the second year, and if they don’t in three years. I can’t get into the top four, “Weidler wrote.

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Suppose we take Haas in his words – that it is not a matter of money, although he wants these clauses And Lots of money.

Does he not understand that the two are virtually mutually exclusive?

If a prop, even the best prop in a game, takes $ 1.2 million from a club’s salary cap, the club’s chances of making it into the top four are severely hampered – arguably an impossibility.

Widler’s belief that “the best forwards in the game get a seven-point deal” is not true. This only happened at two clubs – the Titans paid ফ 1.2 million to David Fifita and the Cowboys paid ন 1 million to Jason Toumalolo.

The club’s best forwards who consistently make it into the top four – Storm, Rosters and Panthers – are nowhere near a mile, $ 1.2 million a year. These clubs spend a lot of money on their backbone because they say that players ultimately determine the outcome of the game on a much more consistent basis than the larger units in the middle.

Taking an extra $ 400,000 from the pay cap for laughter will severely hamper the Broncos’ ability to compete with the above clubs.

So his salary prevents the Broncos from making four, letting him go because the team doesn’t perform as he pleases.

Again, you can see why Dave Donaghy and Co. Not ready to fold.

For a resolution, a little creativity on the part of the Broncos can help solve this problem.

If Haas is so interested in these performance clauses, how will they cut both ways? The club will allow him to walk if they do not do eight, six and four in the next three years.

But he was only allowed to go to a club that did eight, six or four.

If Haas is more interested in success than money, he can earn less than the title contestant – because the kind of money he’s going to get is what he thinks he’s in a struggling club. If he’s serious about winning the Grand Final with his current teammates as a rental gun instead of building for them, he’ll have to take Anders to be coached by Craig Bellamy, Trent Robinson or Evan Cleary.

Pain smiles

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Of course, the real solution is to finally take action for the NRL and end this ‘I want more’ fiasco once and for all.

Every off-season, we fans are told that the thing we hate most about NRL is that players can sign to another club about 18 months ago, for example, Paramatman fans feel a little sad about how good Reed Mahoney is. Playing this year because he will be in the Bulldogs in 2024

But you know what I think of the fans Really The most hateful? Players decide in the middle of a contract that they want more than just signing, so demand a release – and it’s always available.

The whole idea that NRL loyalty is dead and that it is a two-way road bulldozer. If a player performs poorly, they do not go ahead without pay – their club either puts them on the books or sends them away but they need to raise their pay to make sure the player is not worse than the conditions they signed.

But if a player wants more money, the club will often let them go.

NRL’s have to turn it off – and it’s easy to do. They simply make a rule that the recent agreement you have signed travels with you. So if Haas is released, he will only be allowed to sign the same contract with another club that he currently has with the Broncos.

This will stop 99 percent of the mid-contract player movement with the stroke of a pen.

The Rugby League is taking a stand against the Players’ Association because it is not in the interest of the players. Is In the interest of the players.

The vast majority of players are not going to find themselves in this situation. Yet they all pull the stunt like a laugh whenever they pull with the same brush of being a ‘greedy footballer’.

The money-inspired mid-contract move will improve the position of every player who is stamped out, except for a select few who have pledged their allegiance by signing legally binding contracts to earn more money to leave the club citing ‘personal reasons’.

The flow-on effect will be that more and more fans are watching the game and in the end, more money will be deposited in the pockets of the players, than just some greedy people who perpetuate the death of the loyalty myth.

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