Paul Goldsmith matches the current hot streak with a cardinal legend

Paul Goldsmith # 46 of St. Louis Cardinals congratulates Ron Pop 'Warner # 75 of St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis, Missouri after hitting the walk-off Grand Slam against the Toronto Blue Jays during the tenth inning at the Bush Stadium on May 23, 2022.
(Photo by Joe Putz / Getty Images)

Paul Goldsmith is one of the main reasons for the red-hot and aggressive production of the St. Louis Cardinals in 2022.

April was a tough time for the Card’s first star baseman, but he picked it up and is now hitting .338 hits a year, including seven home runs and 33 RBIs.

In fact, her recent hot streak has put her in some elite companies, as noted by MLB insider Sarah Lang on Twitter.

Goldsmith’s 22 RBIs are the most in the last 12 games since Scott Rollins did it in 2004, the year the Cardinals won 105 games and took home the National League title.

Goldie Match Rollen

Goldsmith is rolling, and his walk-off Grand Slam against the Toronto Blue Jays finally brought him to a point where he matched a cardinal legend.

Rollen and Goldsmith are very similar players in some respects.

Rollen took quality, professional at-bat throughout his career and never gave up, although things went awry regardless of the way things went.

He was also an elite defender.

Goldsmith, being the first baseman instead of the third baseman, is very similar to Rollen in that he crushes the bat and stays equal-kill.

But the point is, Goldsmith matches the red-hot and the cardinal hall-of-femer.

Being in the same company with a guy like Rollen is quite impressive and reminds card fans of their former star Third Baseman.

There is no one else in the world who is as hot as Goldsmith.

Since arriving in 2019, he has been one of the main contributors to St. Louis and every penny of the contract extension is proving to be valuable. St. Louis soon signed him.

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