Paul Goldsmith is stealing St. Louis shows

Paul Goldsmith # 46 of St. Louis Cardinals watching his walk-off Grand Slam against the Toronto Blue Jays during the tenth inning at the Bush Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri on May 23, 2022.
(Photo by Joe Putz / Getty Images)

After a slow start in April, St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldsmith kicked it in gear and started hitting it again.

And Monday was a memorable night for him against the Toronto Blue Jays, as he won the “Grand” style game for St. Louis.

The Cardinals rallied 3-1 late to tie the game and force extra innings.

Below the 10th, the bases are loaded with two outs.

After the failures of Harrison Bader and Albert Pujols, it relied on Goldsmith, who worked 1-2 counts before sending a grand slam over the walls of Ryan Boruki’s left field to win it for St. Louis.

MLB tweeted a video of the Grand Slam from Bailey Sports Midwest.

“Grand” style

The Cardinals brought in Goldsmith to do the job.

He came to St. Louis to help the team end a three-year post-season drought and bring the organization back to prominence.

He did just that, proving the experienced presence in a lineup that he desperately needed.

Goldsmith is always a man who had the skill to come through the clutch and he delivered that spark late in the game for St. Louis, sending Bush Stadium into a frenzy.

And once he touches the house plate, his teammates give him a shower of water and popcorn.

With a 7-3 win, the Cardinals won their fourth game and improved to 24-18 in the season, moving to the Milwaukee Brewers in two games for first place.

Even after previously going from 0 to -4, Goldsmith was still there for the Cardinals when they needed him and he got the job done.

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