Paul Goldsmith in the middle of an elite streak

Paul Goldschmid # 46 of St. Louis Cardinals hit the RBI double to the left field in the fourth inning against the New York Mets at City Field on May 17, 2022 in New York City.
(Photo by Mike Stobe / Getty Images)

The Milwaukee Brewers, like last year, have been the best team in the NL Central Division this season at comfortable intervals.

However, the St. Louis Cardinals, at 20-17, are keen to fight again after surprisingly winning the wild card berth last year.

They will be second in the division and an annoying opponent throughout the year.

Part of their success can be attributed to the injury skills of their first baseman Paul Goldsmith.

The 34-year-old slugger is going through quite a season, and is sure to get the base at least once per game.

At least that’s what happened in the last 26 games, according to Katie Ur of The Athletics.

“Paul Goldsmith again runs home around the base.” We’re all tied up. 12-game hit streak / 26-game on-base streak for Goldie, “he tweeted.

An incredible afternoon on the plate

Goldsmith hit a game-tying home run in the third inning, which made the score 2-2 at the time.

Throughout the game, we see Goldie’s run-production skills: he hit a run-scoring double at the top of the fifth frame and a sacrifice fly at the top of the seventh frame.

All of these hits made important runs, but at the moment of writing this article, the New York Mets regained a 5-4 lead, with Edwin Diaz pitching in the ninth frame.

After its fruitful afternoon, Goldsmith is hitting .324 / .394 / .549 with six home runs, 26 RBIs, and an impressive .943 OPS.

At the age he is getting up there, but there are no signs of slowness on the plate.

If the cards are going to mount a similar challenge for this year’s post-season, they will need Goldie to continue production in this way.

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