Pat McAfee shares a strong message for pirates

Jose Quintana # 62 of the Pittsburgh Pirates went into the dugout after being removed in the fourth inning during a game against the St. Louis Cardinals at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 21, 2022.
(Photo by Justin Burl / Getty Images)

The Pittsburgh Pirates had an absolutely terrible weekend when the St. Louis Cardinals arrived in town.

The Cardinals always seem to have a number of pirates and over the weekend they showed why, by sweeping their NL Central rivals and improving 5-1 against them in a year.

The Pirates’ only win came on April 10 against the Cardinals at Bush Stadium.

Yesterday’s game was a complete defeat as the Pirates surrendered 18 runs to the pitcher’s card and St. Louis scored four runs when it came to pitting St. Louis Yadier Molina.

With a card at 18-0 ahead of the ninth, NFL internal and overall fun personality Pat McAfee took a screenshot of the score and tweeted it, asking the pirates to sell the ownership of the team.

McAfee speaks

This is a pretty strong and tough message sent by McAfee, but it’s one that needs to be sent.

The pirates basically have no hope of getting close to the conflict, or .500 on that.

This team is, of course, a small market team, so their budget is a little thinner than that of the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and even the Cardinals.

But it’s still no excuse for them that they won’t try to improve the team by at least trying.

A team can always take steps to get better.

Even the Cincinnati Reds took a step back after their fire sale, signing outfielder Tommy Pham.

Pirates are basically a poverty franchise, and their ownership clearly doesn’t know how to run a team or move somewhere close to being a competitor.

And you can bet that there is no plan

McAfee’s message is simple here.

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