Bleacher Report’s ‘Rookie Gem’ pick for the Vikings is a surprise

Bleacher Report's 'Rookie Gem' is a surprise for the Vikings
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The Minnesota Vikings ended a decade-long drought during the 2022 NFL Draft, selecting a player from the Minnesota Golden Gophers for the first time since the linebacker net triplet in 2010. And now a mini-hype train is attached to that player, e.g. Bleacher Report Nominated Defensive lineman Eseji Otomeo "Wonder Rookie Gem" to appear as Vikings.

Of Ian Wharton Bleacher Report To surprise the public in an unexpected way, the NFL chose one player from each team, and for Minnesota, it was not Jalen Naylor, Tie Chandler or Nick Muse. Instead, Wharton details the big plans for the Gophers defender.

As a result of last-round deals with the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, General Manager Quesi Adofo-Mensah snatched Otomeo from the 5th round in April. Draft network Otomewo is said to be "an attractive developmental defensive lineman that provides prototypical size, length and strength to serve as a dirty base edge in a hand at the NFL level."

The new Vikings have Nigerian roots and have played high school football in Indiana.

December 28, 2021; Phoenix, AZ, USA; The Minnesota Golden Gophers also have defensive lineman SG Otome. Compulsory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas - USA Today Sports

At the University of Minnesota, Otome also played 34 games, including 81 total tackles and 7.5 sacks. He is an extraordinary man, standing 6'6 ″ and weighing 282 pounds. He has majored in business and marketing education. Out of high school, Otomeo was considered by some draft scouts to be the best EDGE race in the state of Indiana.

Accordingly, Bleacher Report The Vikings have big plans for Otomewo as an amazing rookie gem, saying, “He has readymade NFL strength and keeps the blocker out of his frame because of his length. Otomewo is tough so she's not a stand-up edge threat, but the positive is that she doesn't have to compete with Daniel Hunter and J'Darius Smith to snap. Instead, he will play in the relief of Harrison Phillips and Armon Watts.

The key part here is the redefining of its potential role. Among the draft progressions, most draft scouts have identified Otomio as one EDGE RASHER, But Wharton puts the brakes on him, predicting a role for him in the Vikings' defensive line courage. In fact, Hunter and Smith dubbed the EDGEs of the Minnesota defense, so, if Bleacher Report Correct, Otomewo interweaving with Philips and Watts check out.

November 13, 2020; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; The Minnesota Golden Gophers also have defensive lineman SG Otome. Compulsory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA Today Sports

To make the Wharton plan work, Otomewo will have enough completion. The work is certainly not outside "his" gate. He needs to get players of this depth out of their DL aspirations:

  • James Lynch
  • TY McGill
  • TJ Smith
  • Tyris Stevenson
  • Julian Taylor
  • Jalen Twiman

One can see from the list, though, that even in Atom it wouldn't be too difficult with that cast of ascension characters.

Otomewo received the All-Big Ten Honorable Mention honor in 2021.

Dustin Baker is a political scientist who graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007. Subscribe to her daily YouTube channel, VikesNow. She Hosts a podcast With Bryant McKinney, which airs every Wednesday Raun Sai And Sally from Minneapolis. His Viking Fandom dates back to 1996. Listed Criminal Pleasures: Peanut Butter Ice Cream, 'The Sopranos' and The Doors (Band).

Packers safety Adrian Amos calls former Vikings 'best ever'

David Njoku’s new deal could be Megabucks for Vikings TE

Cleveland Browns Tight Last David Njoku. Jeff Lange / USA Today Network.

Since the beginning of 2019, the Cleveland Browns have started 34.6% of all football games for the Tate and David Enjoku team, and now he has been compensated as the fourth-highest paid tight end in the world.

Njoku signed a four-year, $ 56.7 million deal last week, teaming up with 25-year-old new quarterback Desaun Watson for a new era in Cleveland. And his deal confirms that other uncertified TEs could have cracks in prosperity, including the Vikings version, Irv Smith Jr., who could earn megaboxes as a result of the deal.

A five-year veteran, Enjoku once, toured more than 500 receiving yards in the 2018 season. He was frequently hit in Cleveland's TE and was sometimes overwhelmed by overcrowded houses. Fantasy football gurus can tell you all about it.

Now, though, the Browns front office has rewarded Enjoku on the contrary and based on the youth, Smith Jr. in Minnesota undoubtedly has two characteristics.

Compulsory and Annual IRV Smith Jr. Breakout Articles
September 22, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Irv Smith is the tight end of the Minnesota Vikings. Compulsory Credit: Jeffrey Baker - USA Today Sports

The Vikings have drafted Smith Jr. in Round 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft, virtually guaranteeing a prominent presence in the Minnesota offense - at some point. Yet, during Minnesota Smith Jr.'s first two campaigns, Kyle Rudolph was heavily employed, reducing the workload of Alabama alumni because Rudolph was an incredibly sure hand and a Redzone threat.

But in the final offseason, Rudolph trekked to the New York Giants for a one-year trial at The Big Apple. He did not receive much attention in the crime led by Daniel Jones and will not return in 2022. Rudolph is a free agent.

As Rudolf left the Vikings, Smith Jr. saw a bright green light to occupy the TE room. But he ripped off his meniscus in the pre-season last summer, scrapping all plans for Smith Jr.'s "breakout season", a theory extending to every offseason since 2019.

Arv Smith Jr.
January 3, 2021; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Irv Smith is the tight end of the Minnesota Vikings. Compulsory Credit: Raj Mehta - USA Today Sports

Surprisingly, Smith Jr. again has a breakout-season forecast because the Vikings have nothing in TE2. If he is not injured again, Smith Jr. will handle a lot of targets in Kevin O'Connell's new purple offense.

This is where the Njokus instance occurs.

The 2022 season is Smith Jr.'s last year under contract. All he needs to do is force General Manager QC Adopho-Mensah to join Free Agency next March. If he pops for 1,000 yards and 8+ touchdowns - boom - "Nazoku Money" is coming. If he is injured or simply does not perform well, Smith Jr. will hit the free agency for recovery with another NFL team.

Njoku, through five seasons, was not a dynamic weapon. Like Smith Jr., he has teased the flashes of brilliance. Njoku's contract lowers the bar for athletic tight end with high ups.

The Vikings have one, and his contract will end in exactly nine months.

Dustin Baker is a political scientist who graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007. Subscribe to her daily YouTube channel, VikesNow. She Hosts a podcast With Bryant McKinney, which airs every Wednesday Raun Sai And Sally from Minneapolis. His Viking Fandom dates back to 1996. Listed Criminal Pleasures: Peanut Butter Ice Cream, 'The Sopranos' and The Doors (Band).

Packers safety Adrian Amos calls former Vikings 'best ever'

How Super Rugby Rewards Moderation

And so here we are - the final!

Shortly after it started, I posted the stupidity of having 66 percent of the competition in the finals.

12 to eight. Stupid? Yes. Lack of honest competition? Absolutely.

It can be unique in a professional 12-team competition at this level.

Fair? Not really.

Understandable? For this first season of the new format, maybe, but only at that time.

In a pre-season post I mentioned that five Kiwi teams and three Australian teams would advance to the finals: the Reds, Brumbis and Tahs.

The top four will have at least three Kiwi teams, including two Blues and a Crusader, and a scrap for seventh and eighth positions.

Many others could have predicted this too, and undoubtedly did, but that is what happens when two-thirds of the teams in the 12-team competition play the final.

The Blues face Hoskins Sotutu during a Round 14 Super Rugby Pacific match between the ACT Brumbies and the Blues on May 21, 2022 at the GIO Stadium in Canberra, Australia.  (Photo by Mark Nolan / Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Nolan / Getty Images)

And especially at a frequency where two Pacific sides are still finding their way, and two Australian sides, one that has been in the desert to the west for some time and the other (the rebels) which is a hit-and-miss side. They showed up again this season.

They squash against the Blues a week away, and the Underdog Warriors the next day.

To their credit, the rebels gave themselves a chance but when you rely on an Australian side like the Force to keep the Highlanders away from just a bonus-point loss - although a very ordinary Highlander team - it was really too much of an event. A little way too late.

Honestly, I didn't think there would be highlanders in that scrap for eight.

But equally, I certainly don’t think the Highlanders deserve to be the final team.

It is a team that has won four out of 14 matches. That's less than 28.7 percent of their games.

Sorry, Highlander fans, but it's just ridiculous. We are now rewarding the average and the average with the final berth.

As NZ rugby writer Liam Napier NZ Herald On Monday morning, “there is a sense of frustration that the inflated final format, during negotiations between New Zealand and the Australian Rugby Union for a new competition to ensure Aussie presence, has reached a compromise that has ultimately benefited the worst-performing Kiwi team. "

It can only happen in a stupid final competition without any honesty.

Equally, though good, the Hurricanes, the Reds and the Waratah have all won eight and lost six.

They are all on the same playing field in terms of win-loss ratio, but the teams in the championship finals in the 12-team competition rarely shout, with four sides having no evidence of the remaining eight in a long shot. Although they give upset.

A rather misleading argument has been made that the teams suddenly came out on top, proving that they deserve to go to the finals, and that they are rewarded by this generous final allocation system.

The Highlanders are far from making that argument.

Excluding the results from the following four directions, Varatah, Hurricane, and Reds rarely support this argument.

Jordan Petia of the Reds celebrates an attempt during the Round Four Super Rugby Pacific match between the Queensland Reds and the Fijian Drew at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia on March 12, 2022.  (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

(Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

Most wins (though, yes, not all of them) come from the bottom, from the heavily eroded top-four sides or to each other when someone has to win.

As an example, although I am not choosing Tahas, the loss of the Blues side to 14 front-line players and the defeat of Tahas with a 14-3 lead seems unlikely to come home at the end of the business to support that argument.

And sorry, but no, losing well doesn't mean you have to go to the finals unless you're a comedian.

So why is it so stupid and lacks competitive integrity when it was a big part of the problem with the previous notion of competition?

Looks like some people won't learn.

At the time, the real honesty of fighting for the top four positions without a quarter-final would not work for investors who provided a 12-team company that demanded the Australian team's assurance in the final.

As it turns out, the Australian teams have picked up their game, which includes Brumbis and Waratah.

This is their great achievement after the Covid drama and other uncertainties.

But some things have remained the same, and some on both sides of the abyss have failed to seriously affect. Even then they made it to the finals.

But the competition for a place in the top four is also one-sided, with the Kiwis not playing twice.

This is definitely another part of bargaining.

And if I were a force and a rebel, I wouldn't be happy, quietly. Was it just a coincidence that they got two home games in the competition's five-game cross-Tasman Pacific division while Tahs, Reds and Brumbis - the teams that could challenge the Kiwis' top-four placements - got three home runs. Games?

Logistics, I hear someone screaming. Favorite game?

Is it just a matter of luck that the Brumbies and Tahs, not one of the top two NZ players before the start of the home season, both played (Blues and Crusaders)?

Corey Evans of the Blues took charge of the defense during the Round 15 Super Rugby Pacific match between NSW Waratahs and the Blues at Lechhart Oval on May 28, 2022 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Matt King / Getty Images)

(Photo by Matt King / Getty Images)

Maybe? Maybe not.

The final results are not important here, but it seems that every effort has been made to ensure that the top three Australian franchises get to the top four or at least get the best possible advantage against the current two best teams in New Zealand. A bonus point, if not won.

And especially when it is argued that the price of a home ground is five to seven points. It's controversial, but it is.

It also mocks the fairness of the competition. And before anyone says June International and time, then let it be fair.

Home competitions play each other once. Then cross-tasman is home-and-away for each side who plays each other twice.

Or let's just scrap two local vibes, play each other twice and make it an all-around competition from the start with only the top four teams reaching the finals.

Now this is the true integrity of the competition.

But alas, Australian TV brokers and their investors will not be deterred - at least for now.

But one thing they can and should do is take eight teams to the finals in a 12-team competition.

I will leave the last word to Ian Napier from the same article linked above.

“Super Rugby is like celebrating aspects of the Pacific. They hope that the long-term future will see Drua and Moana develop into a consistently competitive enemy, and that a real sense of danger will develop over time.

"The eight-team play-off has the opposite effect. Promoting moderation only serves as a deadweight that pulls the competition down as it tries to get off the ground. "


AFL Top 100: Round 11 Wrap

For the third week in a row, we bid farewell to the valuable contributors to the AFL football game.

Earlier it was Leon Cameron and Anthony MacDonald-Tipunguti. Now Western Bulldogs and Collingwood player Jordan Rughead has decided to end his career at Magpies.

Being 32 years old in November, but limited to a senior game in the first half of the 2022 season, Rughead has set his retirement time to enable Collingwood to participate in the second draft of the mid-season draft.

Originally recruited from Lake Vendori through the North Ballarat Rebel Under-18 team, Rughead was selected as the Bulldogs' second pick in the 2008 AFL Draft and made his Round 5, 2010 debut against Adelaide at the Duckland Stadium.

That year, he won the Bulldogs' Best First-Year Player (Chris Grant Award) and after being transferred to defense by then-Bulldogs coach Brendan McCartney in 2012, he returned completely and won the Tony Liberto Award for Best Player in 2016.

Roghead gifted the Bulldogs a number of great games in his 138 games at the club, including the 2016 Premiership where he was sidelined from playing until the Grand Final due to an eye injury.

In a draft last-minute deal at the end of the 2018 season, he was shuffled for the No. 75 draft pick and Rughead found himself in Collingwood in 2019 and he continued to serve well for 63 more games in black and white.

Jordan Rughead of Magpies.

(Dylan Burns / AFL photo via Getty Images)

Rughead wore the number 23 jumper for each of his 201 games, leaving the same number in Collingwood. It has not been used in any senior game since the departure of Lachlan Kiev in 2014.

The Bulldogs have the most by any player of this number in their 138 game clubs.

This puts him 73rd in the Western Bulldogs' list of the top 100 game players, a game behind George McLaren (1944-51), Neil Cordy (1979-86) and Matthew Robbins (1998-2007).

And it is one game ahead of former coach Don Mackenzie, who played from 1962 to 1970, Geoff Jennings (1974-83), Nathan Brown (1997-2003) and Simon Garlick (1998-2004).

In his career, in ten games against Carlton, he played only one losing team and scored 21 of his 35 goals (60 percent) in 90 games (45 percent) at Duckland Stadium.

Good job, Jordan Rughead. My only concern is that the Western Bulldogs will probably call the first 'Rafi' on the way!

With the end of a career, Sydney and Gillong both got off to a fresh start by introducing a new player for the first time.

Matt Roberts was drafted as Sydney's second round pick (No. 34) in the 2021 draft.

Roberts - from the Wine District of Langhorn Creek in South Australia - was not 19 until July but has already built a great reputation in the SANFL as a midfielder who can play forward and know where the goals are.

In the 2020 draft, Shannon Niley of Geelong was drafted No. 33.

One year and six days older than Matt Roberts, he is 203 centimeters tall and a Rookman who goes ahead.

Originally from Jandakot via the South Fremantle of the WAFL, it has an impressive highlight reel.

Thus, there are two new players, including the former Brownlow medalist. The two potential finalists who were members of the original VFL in 1897 introduced them in mid-season.

How big can the challenge be?

Good luck to both the kids and to Charlie Dixon of Port Adelaide, who played his first AFL game in the 2022 season.


Avoid Everton drops – but where from here?

Everton, due to the skin of their teeth, were able to avoid deportation this season.

They haven't made it easy for themselves, as any team can go deeper into the relegation dogfight without taking the last day of the season.

The 3-2 win over Patrick Vieira's exciting Crystal Palace side means that Frank Lampard-led Tofis have a record of being one of several teams, including Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea - which have never been eliminated. Premier League.

However, despite the flair-filled cheers at the end of the Palace game, which resulted in some disgusting behavior from Vieira fans during the pitch attack, there is little to celebrate for Everton.

The end of a decade-long series of top-half Premier Leagues, which included the development of the best players and the best talent in the Premier League, has finally raised the Scout Club to just 39 points this season, a shortfall from the infamous 40s. -Point mark and club's equally poor Premier League performance.

So, where will they go from here?

Tell me what you would like about his management career to date, but Frank Lampard has performed admirably with Everton this season.

By handing over the keys to a wingless plane, Lampard was able to stabilize Everton's free fall from the top division and finally save the club from relegation.

In 14 games before the appointment of Frank Lampard on January 31, 2022, Everton won only once, drew three times and lost the rest.

It took Frank Lampard two games to win his first match 3-0 against Leeds United and since then he has won five more matches, drawn two more and lost ten of the 18 matches in his charge.

Frank Lampard

(Photo by Clive Brunskill / Getty Images)

In comparison, in the 20 matches under Rafa Benitez, the Spaniard has managed five wins, including four in the club's first six games of the season.

In a short time, Frank Lampard was able to turn the tide of Everton Football Club and he was signed for two more seasons, which means Everton have no choice but to support him.

But still, this is the right choice.

For a club like Everton, where the expectation is a slow build-back to compete for a European position like West Ham, they are investing time and resources for a young manager who has shown promising signs.

As a player he will first see the type of culture that led Everton to European football in the mid-2000s and he will be able to build his own culture on this understanding.

Lampard has shown versatility in his management style this season. He took a more realistic approach than when he was at Chelsea, when his only full season at the club was 60.6 per cent.

This season, with Everton's possession averaging just under 40 per cent, Lampard has focused on keeping the defense tight and on the ugly win instead of trying to impress the opponent.

In his 18 matches as Everton boss, Lampard deployed three or five backs in eight matches, winning three and drawing one, highlighting his understanding of how to adapt his style to suit the players, not the other way around.

With the team in full pre-season, there is no arguing that Frank Lampard has the potential to move Everton further away from the relegation zone next season.

His time at Chelsea - leading a young, inexperienced, and less resourceful team to fourth place in his first season in charge - showed his managerial talent.

Everton no doubt suffered a season injury.

It is difficult for most teams outside of the league's most expensive teams to recover from this level of loss, especially in critical positions.

However, the injury has highlighted the weaknesses of the squad.

The Richardson amulet went ahead in the long absence of Dominic Calvert-Levin, but the next person to be injured would be Solomon Rondon.

Dominic Calvert-Levin of Everton

(Photo by Tony McArdol / Everton FC via Getty Images)

Jerry Mina and Ben Godfrey missed extended deadlines, pushing Mason Holgate and promising yet inexperienced Jared Branthwaite into the starting line-up.

Another key element of Toffees' backbone, Abdoulaye Doucoure, has missed eight games throughout the year, including missing two league replacements - Tom Davis and Fabian Delph.

The output of these few Everton players was quite difficult to replace.

In the absence of Dominic Calvert-Levin, Richardson did a great job for them to lead the line, but his goal-scoring ability is nowhere near that of the Englishman, who finished 16 goals from 33 games.

But outside of Richardson, many of their replacements have only fought this season.

A crisis highlights weakness. Everton's season - and injury - did just that.

This indicates a complete lack of depth in the settlement of both Benitez and Lampard. This problem is due to the lack of depth in the squad as much as it is down to the recruitment and development of the players.

There are some players in this Everton squad who need to be replaced if the club wants to challenge them to the top ten once again.

And there’s the smart signing - unlike the club’s recent signatures, which are high profile, high transfer fees and high paid players who have failed to give the club a strong return on investment.

Everton have to go to the market and spend wisely, just like their previous success.

Richardson celebrates a goal against Leeds United

(Photo by Tony McArdol / Everton FC via Getty Images)

They have signed players who may not be the biggest names when it comes to walking through doors like Tim Cahill or Seamus Coleman.

But they bought the club's DNA, developed their game at the club and left the team as legends.

In 2003-04, Everton were almost eliminated from the Premier League. In 2004-05, the club, led by a young Wayne Rooney, qualified for the Champions League.

Stuck between these seasons of summer, they bring in Cahill and Michael Arteta, who joined from the obscurity and became the club's giants.

The same attitude towards modern-day Everton recruiters - which is in line with the needs and aspirations of the party and Lampard - is absolutely necessary for the club to return and improve next year.

Financially, Everton is a club of destruction. The club has reported a loss of £ 100 million ($ 176 million) for three consecutive years.

Frugal spending, with little reward for players or a return on their investment, has characterized the club in the last few years, especially since Farhad Moshiri took over most of the ownership in 2018.

Gone are the days when Everton made smart signings for relatively low wages and sold players like Romelu Lukaku for exceptional gain years later.

Nowadays Everton's transfer spending model is to try to sign as many big-name players as possible from big clubs like Andre Gomes and hopefully they will become world class, even though there is no systematic coordination around them.

In the 2021-22 season, Everton spent £ 8.2 million ($ 14.4 million) per Premier League point, their fourth highest amount in the league. And they spent £ 1.83 million ($ 3.2 million) on points per point, the third highest in the league.

A club fighting religion has the sixth highest estimated wage bill and the fifth highest purchase price.

It cries out for financial mismanagement and countless and ruthless spending without any plan.

It costs as much as possible to scream a club, without any thought of selling at a price.

It yells at a club that will only stop swiping credit cards when the game's management intervenes and prevents it.

Among the changes that need to be made to the blue part of the Mercedes is the financial condition of the club which needs to be fixed and repaired as soon as possible.

We've often seen clubs spend huge sums of money in the hope of making a profit that never materializes, such as Leeds in the mid-2000s.


What is O’Brien’s goal in coaching the Knights?

Adam O'Brien is in his third season as Newcastle Knights coach and he hasn't been a crash hot.

He went on to win the first two games of the Knights, losing seven in a row. There was terrible damage at home, so many online coaches think Newcastle has a bad coach.

I have a few questions that I will ask myself and answer.

Are the Knights still rebuilding? While I'm doing this, I have another question to add here: Hall Die hard A Christmas movie?

Both questions may be about two different topics and the answer to both is the same: Absolutely not!

The Knights were rebuilt by Nathan Brown. He brings the team back to the community, helps their signed marquee players and brings them out of the trenches.

Are the Knights retreating?

These questions have been asked a lot and realistically, they don't.

Adam O'Brien

(Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

Losing Mitchell Pierce was a huge blow but he will not last forever. Let's be real here, he is not immortal.

When Jaden Braille returns, the Knights' first-choice captain will show the necessary leadership of the team.

Kalin Ponga can improve in that area but more time is needed.

Can Newcastle still reach the final?

They have a chance to do it but Newcastle still has a mountain to climb and to get there they have to show a lot more than we showed in the first half of the season.

What are the long-term goals for Adam O'Brien?

He didn't come to Newcastle to sell girl scout cookies, he came here to coach the Knights.

He came to town behind Nathan Brown, who had successfully completed his reconstruction mission.

The Knights coach has a mission to help turn the club into a powerhouse team, to bring a winning spirit to the team, to help the junior develop a winning spirit as much as possible, to keep the team and coaching staff he wants and to give the fans a team. Be proud.

It will not happen overnight and it will only take more than three years to get there.

He is taking the juniors out of the winning mentality of restructuring, hiring some young Englishmen, signing some young recruits and as time goes on they will get better as a team.

What should fans do?

Simple supporters need to support their team, stop talking about dismissing the coach and cut the nonsense through online beatings.

The Knights have to show the team that they can continue and I am very impressed with how well they played on Saturday.

With less than ten minutes to spare, they came back to the break at 12 and Enrique Towala's two great attempts helped them to a 24-16 victory.

When Newcastle actually capitalizes on their opportunities and doesn’t blow it away, they can get the job done, which they did.


The Aussies lead the World Series by winning in London

Longtime rivals New Zealand have taken the London Sevens out of the Aussie Sevens at Twickenham and are now leading the HSBC World Series standings.

Women are traditionally Australian rugby stars and they were Rio Olympic gold medalists in the Sevens program. They have recently won tournaments and a World Series title.

It was hard for men at times, given all the effort and training but they did not get the results they were aiming for.

The performance of the Australian Men's Sevens team is seriously outstanding.

In addition to the first tournament win since 2018, this is the first Cup final win against New Zealand in 20 years.

As captain Nick Maloff puts it, none of the current squad has ever won a tournament.

It has been a huge change by men. After the Olympics, the only media coverage was about problems on the return flight to Australia.

Henry Hutchinson

(Photo by Fiona Goodall / Getty Images)

The other coverage was about the recent coach shuffle. There wasn't much around real rugby.

So it's good to see a bit of spotlight in the men's program.

To see how far the team has come in the last few months, consider that only six of the 13-member London squad were at the Olympics and eight were at the first Dubai tournament on December.

It is worth noting that Henry Hutchison is the second most experienced player and he was injured and did not play in any finals.

Compare this to the women where ten players from the Toulouse / Langford tournament played in most of the tournaments this season and were in the Olympics.

Some may ask, who is this team?

It's a bunch of quality, hardworking guys.

As Captain Maloff put it, it was a performance like a businessman.

These players do all the basics really well. Notable defense quality, which has become outstanding.

In the past I always felt that eventually the Australian defensive line would break but you don't have that feeling with this team.

Arguably the only X-Factor player is Maurice Longbottom's toe and Corey Tool's blind motion.

Maurice Longbottom avoided a tackle

(Photo by Roger Cedres / Gallo Image / Getty Images)

If you haven't seen the tool's length-of-the-field attempt against Canada, check it out.

Someone knows the name, and someone who was with the Seven was with the Rebels, and now Henry Hutchinson is back on the Seven program.

Dietrich Roach is only 20 years old. He made his Olympic debut and is playing much older than his age and is currently the top points scorer in the world series.

Then you have Josh Turner. My guess is I would say he is a seasoned seven player.

Henry Patterson has a great mustache and he made three tries in the final and was the best player in the final. He really step by step.

The media prefers a rugby league link, so his claim to fame is that his father played for the Roosters and he tried for the Roosters but was cut off so he turned to rugby with East on the Shute Shield.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on young Ben Dowling, who is on the NSW academy system and has been selected for the Junior Wallaby.

Who else?

In the last few tournaments, Shoot Shield Club has a range of ring-ins. In London were Ben Marr (Waringah), Max Burry (Northern Suburbs) and Matthew Gonzalez (Eastwood).

All of these players and others who have been brought in have done a great job for the team every time.

Obviously some serious credit must go to Coach John Manenti, Chucky Standard and the coaching crew.

If you want to read a game-by-game summary, visit

A few highlights were that the Aussies lost to New Zealand in the pool game but won in the final. Golden Point won in the final.

The Australians took revenge against France in the pool. France beat them in the quarter-finals in Toulouse last week and in the quarter-finals against South Africa they were trailing 17-nil but came back with a 21-17 win.

If you get a chance, watch the final. It's well worth a watch.

One final observation is that it is interesting men London and won Sydney Morning Herald Made an article.

Even the women who won the tournament this year and the overall world series title did not receive an article, although their success was included in the men's article.

In fact, this is the first Rugby Seven article since December 2021 when both the men's and women's teams performed well in Dubai.


Djokovic and Nadal set the quarterfinals of the blockbuster French Open

The latest episode of the long-running rivalry between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal will see two tennis fighters fight for a place in the semifinals of the French Open on Tuesday morning (AEST).

When the 'Joker' reached the last eight without dropping a set, Nadal was forced to dig deeper as Roland Garros competed in his third five-set match after taking the distance to Canadian ninth seed Felix Agar-Aliasim.

The Spaniard dropped his first set for the tournament when Auger-Aliasim took a break in the first set, with the Canadian finally holding on to his advantage by claiming 6-3.

But in ordinary Nadal fashion, the ‘King of Clay’ returned to the contest, leading to a control win with the next two sets.

But the ninth pick won the fourth set on the same scoreline, winning the first, 6-3, to force Nadal into a one-set shootout with Roland Garros for the third time and for the first time since 2013.

At the moment, Nadal's experience helped him win the final set, confirming that he recorded the 22nd five-set win of his Grand Slam career against 12 defeats.

Auger-Aliassime joins John Isner (who took a two-set-one lead against Spaniards in the first round in 2011) and Novak Djokovic (who lost in the semifinal thriller 9-7 in the final set in 2013) in their only 'King of the Earth' expansion in Paris. As a player.

Novak Djokovic practices in Melbourne Park

(Photo by Darian Trainer / Getty Images)

Nadal's fight was against Djokovic, who dropped just seven games to beat Diego Schwartzman in the straight set as he continued his bid to become the first person to complete a triple-career Grand Slam.

All is now ready for the 59th installment of the Djokovic-Nadal rivalry, which extended to their first meeting at the Roland Garros in 2006, when the two were at the combined age of 39 and one had a combined big journey. (Nadal's 2005 French Open title).

Sixteen years later, the pair will meet for the tenth time at the Red Clay Court in Paris, with the combined age of the two now 70 (although Nadal turns 36 this Friday) and a combined 41-year-old (21 years of Nadal) Djokovic's 20).

This is the first time any two players will face each other ten times in a tournament.

Alexander Zaverev will face teenage sensation Carlos Alcaraz in the other, while two tennis greats will fight in the top half of the quarterfinals.

Third-seeded Zverev ended the run of the Spanish qualifier Bernabe Zapata Mirales in a straight set win, although the Germans stretched to a tiebreak in the first set, which lasted 13-11.

Alcaraz, meanwhile, continued its impressive run through a draw, dismissing Olympic silver medalist Karen Khachanov in a straight set, leaving her in her first quarter-final at Roland Garros and second in a major.

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In contrast to the long-running Djokovic-Nadal rivalry, this will be the fourth meeting between Zaverev and Alcaraz, the young Spaniard winning their most recent meeting in the Madrid Masters final earlier this month, and last year Zaverev won both fights. .

On the women's side, Sloane Stephens and Coco Goff set up an All-American quarter-final showdown, both of which ended in straight sets against Jill Teichman and Alice Mertens, respectively.

Unseeded Italian Martina Travisan advanced to the quarterfinals of her second French Open, beating Aliaksandra Sasnovich, who had beaten Emma Radukanu and Angelique Karbar in the previous round, while Lelah Fernandez was needed to beat Amanda Anisimova.

Of the four women in the bottom half of the draw, only Stephens Roland reached the Garros final when he lost to Simona Halep in 2018. He also reached the Major Final, the other Fernandez who reached the final of the US Open last September.

On Monday night (AEST), world number one Iga Sweettech will start a hot favorite to advance to the quarterfinals of her third French Open when she plays Zheng Qinwein, where Madison will play against Kiss Veronica Kudarmetova, who has benefited from the third. Paula Badosa's Round Retirement.

In the men's draw, Daniel Medvedev faces former US Open champion Marin Cilic, and a win could put him in the quarter-finals with compatriot Andrei Rublev, who faces Janik Sinar.

Fourth-seeded Stefanos Sitcipas is competing against Holger Rune, and the win will see him face either Caspar Rudd or Hubert Hurcaz as he faces another possible semifinal showdown against Medvedev.


Statistics tell the true story about Kirk’s cousin

Kirk Cousin of the Minnesota Vikings is running off the field after a 31-17 win over the Chicago Bears at the US Bank Stadium on January 09, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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With Kirk Cousins ​​receiving a one-year, $ 35 million extension from the Minnesota Vikings, some fans are demanding him to perform this season.

However, an examination of his NFL stats with him in Minnesota tells an interesting story.

Despite the criticism of the quarterback, he is not as bad as some fans believe he is.

He did his best to help them win the game.

But the Minnesota defense has disappointed him.

Other times it’s his own crime and the lack of weapons outside of Dalvin Cook and Adam Thilen that hurt him.

Even with these events, fans are still demanding a play-off appearance from him this season.

Is the lack of playoff attendance only on cousins?

The Cousins ​​’first season with Minnesota in 2018 saw him post a career-high 30 touchdowns.

However, the team went 8-7-1 that season and missed the NFL playoffs.

He lost several games on defense, which did not stop the team from scoring.

A match-up against the Green Bay Packers saw the Cousins ​​throw for four touchdowns in a game that ended in a tie.

They also lost a shootout 38-31 against the Los Angeles Rams, where he had three touchdowns and 422 passing yards.

Minnesota would have advanced to the playoffs if they had won these two games.

Yet the fans put everything at the feet of the cousins.

This is not fair to him when he is performing and doing everything to win the game.

However, there are fans who will not see it that way with cousins.

They think he's being paid extra for what he sees as a mediocre quarterback.

But this is not entirely true.

Although the 35 million is excessive, he does his best to lead the Vikings in the games.

In 2022, he will need a defense to help prevent the opponent from losing the game.

Will Vikings Defense allow cousins ​​to find glory in 2022?

With the Vikings' defenses shattered during a critical game, will they be able to hold on in 2022?

They are ranked 29th in 2020 and 24th in 2021 and need a tremendous improvement to help their cousins.

However, 2022 may be a different tune for Minnesota.

They fired their head coach and defensive coordinator.

They let Anthony Barr and Xavier Woods go to the company for free.

From now on 2022 will see Ed Donatell and his 3-4 defensive schemes in games.

Also, the team has signed former Green Bay Packers linebacker Zadarias Smith.

He has an extraordinary defensive talent and is hungry to return to the football field after being absent last season.

Vikings cornerback Chandon Sullivan and Nate Harston have also signed.

With new talent in defense, and new coaching, cousins ​​may have a defense to help him.

If the defense has improved over the last two seasons, the Cousins ​​could have more play-offs under his belt.

However, this is not the reason why fans blamed him instead of defending the team's plight.

But Minnesota hopes to make some changes in 2022 with their defense and change their fortunes.

If their defense could show up in 2022, the Vikings could finally make it to the playoffs again and the Cousins ​​could be freed from unnecessary criticism.


Does Brandon Staley have to playoff to keep his job?

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley watches during the fourth quarter against the Las Vegas Riders at the Allegiance Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 09, 2022.
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The Los Angeles Chargers have a lot to look forward to this upcoming season.

They are proud of one of Justin Herbert's game-elite quarterbacks, who is just 24 years old and about to enter his third season in the NFL.

Even better, the Chargers have a vastly modified defense that will showcase the talents of pass-rush Khalil Mack, cornerback Jesse Jackson and defensive linemen Austin Johnson and Sebastian Joseph-Day.

Head coach Brandon Staley is in an enviable position, but he is also under a lot of pressure.

The Chargers have only played-off twice in the last dozen years, and their longtime fans are hungry for a valid run in the Super Bowl or at least a deep trip to the playoffs.

Could missing the play-off pay for Staley's job again?

Staley has the tools to get it done

Staley was hired to replace Anthony Lynn about a year ago, with Bolts having a weak tenure.

He took the team as close to the playoffs as possible without going there in 2021, losing an epic contest to the Las Vegas Riders in 18 weeks of overtime.

This season, the Chargers have a roster that is probably looking good enough to compete for the World Championships.

In addition to all the additions mentioned on the defensive side of Herbert and football, they will continue to enjoy the services of Joe Bosa of Pro Bowl Pass Rasha and Pro Bowl defender Darwin James.

Offensively, LA still has Kinan Allen, one of the game's best wide receivers, a very good WR2 from Mike Williams, and a great dual-threat back to Austin Eckler.

In 2021, Eckler had a total of 1,558 yards and 20 run / receiving touchdowns from Scrimmage, which tied him to first place in the NFL in the next division.

The Chargers have been at the top of the league in a number of offensive divisions, but their ground game, which is only 21 yards away, could improve.

Except for the potential injury, there is no excuse

Yes, the AFC, especially the AFC West, will be bleeding this coming season.

But the Chargers have plenty of weapons on both sides of the football, possibly including one of Herbert's nuclear weapons.

They have a very realistic chance of winning the division, and even if they don't, every team in the AFC West could very well advance to the playoffs.

The measure of a good or great coach is how much he manages from the talents and players that are given to the coach.

Staley will have many potential pro bowlers to coach in 2022, and it is up to him to combine them and ensure that the whole is more than the sum of his parts.

One positive is that some of his new players have played for him before.

If the Chargers don't have significant injuries, they have no excuse to miss the playoffs again.

If they do, Staley has a good chance of being in the hot seat.

On the other hand, who can be found in that situation who will be better than him?