Packers fight against a narrative of not spending money

Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Guttequinst spoke to the media during a news conference in Wisconsin's Green Bay on January 09, 2019, introducing Matt Laughlaire as head coach at Lambo Field.
(Photo by Stacey Rever / Getty Images)

Green Bay Packers have become infamous non-spenders.

After all, it’s hard to blame a fan-owned team.

They are not like the Dallas Cowboys or the New England Patriots who have a major owner who can quickly bankroll a huge signing.

However, the Packers have changed tunes in the offseason splurge.

Spotrack noted that the Packers spent তৃতীয় 462 million on the third highest of total deals.

They are also third in the new guarantee with 245 million.

To further reduce their costs, Green Bay has signed 17 players and given them four contract extensions.

They also acquired six free agents and signed eight of their 11 draft picks.

The Packers have also signed 14 undefeated free agents.

The lion’s share of their spending comes from four extensions totaling 336.8 million.

Aaron Rogers, the most valuable player to reign, took the largest share of that amount after signing a three-year, 150 million contract.

Green Bay also gave linebacker D’Vandre Campbell a five-year, $ 50 million extension.

Associate linebacker Preston Smith also received a four-year, 52 million contract.

Finally, after agreeing to a four-year, $ 84 million contract, Zaire Alexander became the highest paid cornerback in terms of annual average value.

Other notable packer signings

The Packers have signed Robert Tonian to a one-year, 3.5 million deal.

It was rumored that Green Bay pressured Darren Waller to trade but it did not materialize.

Green Bay also acquired wide receiver Sammy Watkins on a one-year, 1.85 million contract.

The team hopes that he will fill some of the void left by Davante Adams joining the Las Vegas Riders.

The Packers have signed their first-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Defensive tackle Devonte Watt agreed to a four-year, $ 12.8 million contract and Koe Walker agreed to a four-year, $ 13.8 million contract.

With this signature and contract extension, the Packers want to maintain their dominance over their division.

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