Pablo Lopez and Marlins are ready to fight it

Pablo Lopez # 49 of the Miami Marlins delivers a pitch during the third inning against the Washington Nationals at Londipo Park in Miami, Florida on May 18, 2022.
(Photo by Michael Reeves / Getty Images)

The Miami Marlins are surprisingly close to .500, at 17-20 until Friday afternoon.

Pablo Lopez’s excellent pitching is a big reason for Miami to be modest, as he is currently leading the national league in the ERA.

Pitcher and the team, however, are about to enter into an ugly part of the MLB: an arbitration hearing.

Since Marlins and Emerging Ace could not agree on his 2022 salary, an independent arbitrator would listen to the arguments of each party and one of them.

NL ERA leaders Pablo Lopez and Marlins are scheduled to go to an arbitration hearing today. This year’s statistic factor is not predictable but Lopez leads NL pitchers in WAR (2.1) as well as ERA (1.57). He wants 3M; The Marlins have asked for 2.45 million, “MLB insider John Heyman tweeted.

We’ve said this many times, but it’s not a good idea to hear that your own company is finding something about you that will lower your price.

This is exactly what is happening with Miami and Lopez.

The gap may not seem significant, but it is

He wants 3 million, but the Marlins are willing to pay him only 45 2.45 million.

This may not seem like a big deal, but 550,000 is a significant amount of money that can change a family’s financial situation.

This is Lopez’s first season of arbitration qualification.

He made 595,000 last season, so Laugh is already changing his financial landscape.

Although 2022 figures cannot be calculated according to the rules of arbitration hearings, Lopez is having a great season, a 1.57 ERA, a 2.30 fielding independent pitching (FIP) and 48 strikeouts in 46 innings.

He certainly deserves his 3 million earnings.

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