Origin State Selection: Probably a team game

Injuries are a headache for every team but the State of Origin teams are starting to take shape for the opening match of the series on June 8 at the Acre Stadium.

Tom Trobozevic On the opening night of the Magic Round, Manly lost to Brisbane after being disrupted by a leg injury, but Seagulls coach Des Hasler said his fullback was good and should not be missed during any play.

Cock lock Victor Radley He died of an ankle injury in Brisbane on Sunday night, leaving him with a hammer blow for two months in hopes of making his state debut.

Shark in front Dale FinukenAfter a knee injury, his chances are much lower. Finuken also dealt a blow in the controversial incident that turned Canberra captain Elliott Whitehead into a sin-format at the Sharks magic round rate. He is expected to be out for at least a few weeks, which means he will have to pick before playing another game.

With Cameron Murray (Shoulder) Out of the race, the depth of the blues will be checked though the coach Brad Fitler Still there Isaiah Yo And Jack Trobozevic Available to support first choice props Pain smiles And Paolo Jr..

Keon Kolomatangi We had a part of the camp and we got it too Tariq Sims, Tyson Frigel, Angus Cricton and Liam Martin Those who have played before, “Fitler said last week.

Lateral Mitchell (Hamstrings) and Ryan Papenhuen (Knee and hamstring) Out of the race for the NSW backline berth.

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For maroons, second rowers Zaidan Su’a (Ankle) and David Fifita (Knee) will not line up for the first game.

Maroons Assistant Cameron Smith He and the coach said Billy Slater The Broncos have been strongly influenced by young guns Selwyn Cobo Since they want to create their 24 member squad for Origin Eye.

After seven attempts in the last four games for the Broncos, he is in controversy to get a wing spot if he uses Queensland. Valentine Homes As well as in the center Gagai data.

The stars of the storm Xavier Coates When the Cowboy Speedstar could be on one wing for Queensland Hamiso Tabuai-Fido The wide out is in the mix for a spot.

“Billy is the boss, you never give instructions, they come down,” Smith said on SEN radio. “I recently had a chat to compare notes with Billy and Kobo must have been on the radar.

“You can’t ignore the form he’s in at the moment and the things he can bring to football.”

Smith also hinted Kalin Ponga Despite the Warriors having young guns, they are still ahead for fullback Rees WalshIts impressive form.

“She did her best and I think she knows it. Speaking to Billy Slater, he has contacted Kalin this season and he has also contacted Reese Walsh.

“Some players are not finding their best form or feeling their best on club soil, but as soon as they move to an original camp or environment they seem to find a new kind of energy or excitement about themselves. Find the best of them again.

“Kalen Ponga will probably do the same if the Marun selectors go that way and appoint Bill as coach. I think that’s the way it is, with Kalin at No. 1. “

After Round 12, time is running out for potential candidates to sue the parties announced at the end of the month.

Each state will select a squad of 24 players. The NSW wants to claim the shield for the fourth time in five years, an achievement they have managed only once in their best era since 1992-96, which was only interrupted by Paul Watin’s miracle clean. Sweep Team of ’95.

After Paul Green’s only one-year tenure, the Maroons have been led by new coach Billy Slater after losing the first two games 50-6 and 26-0, after winning 20-16 games in three games in a single series. All played on Queensland soil.

Slater has revealed that he is looking at Brisbane favorites Patrick Carrigan, Tom Flaler and Keenan Palacia, Cowboy young gun Jeremiah Nanai and Hilum Luki, Titan II-Roar Handsome Fermor As an alternative to increasing his pack.

Here’s how the choices for each team are tracking how to move forward to the original I. But of course, lots can happen between now and the day of the game.

James Tedesco Origin won

James Tedesco raises the State of Origin Shield. (Photo by Bradley Canaris / Getty Images)


Outer back: James Tedesco will lead the Blues until he returns with Josh Ado-Carr and Brian Too in the center, Tom Trobojevic. Among the alternatives to Stephen Crichton, Ciocepha Talakai, Cotoni Stags, Campbell Graham and Matt Burton are Mitchell’s hamstring surgery due to the other center’s berth being occupied. Fitler has indicated that Stags is ahead at this stage.

Half: With the exception of injury or suspension, Penrith pair Nathan Cleary and Jerome Louis will be chosen. Cody Walker and Mitch Moses are the two players who will come to the team if needed.

Pack: Juniors Paolo and Payne Haas are in good form and are almost certain to be the starting props with Hooker at Origin for the 13th time since his debut with Damien Cook in 2018. Murray and Sims were second rowers last year and Fitler is looking forward to seeing Sims on his team again. In form, Martin will have to be the first edge to be picked before Frisel, Crichton, Sims and Kolomatangi. Panthers co-captain Isah Yeo will also be there.

Sessions: Fitler is a big fan of Jake Trobozevich, who played 13 straight origins before being ruled out of the last two games of 2021 due to a hip injury, and can cover prop or lock. Veterans like Friezel and Crichton, who can switch between the middle and the edges, are also likely to agree when Cronulla del Finuken is still not out of the picture but has to prove his fitness due to knee problems. Knights’ prop Daniel Saifiti’s form has deteriorated this season and he is struggling to hold his own.

Angus Crichton

Blues’ Angus Crichton and teammates are celebrating. (Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

The utility berth was likely to go to Papenhuizen but his absence opened the door for Burton, Riders star Jack Whitton or halfback Nico Hynes.

Fitler will add some more uncapped emerging blues to the extended squad along with Manly forward Houmoule Olakauatu and West Tigers prop Stefano Utoikamanu. Victor Radley’s hopes were dashed when he suffered an ankle injury in the magic round.

Probably the blues team

  1. James Tedesco (C)
  2. Josh Addo-Car
  3. Tom Trobozevic
  4. Cotoni Stags
  5. Brian To’o
  6. Jerome Louie
  7. Nathan Cleary
  8. Paolo Jr.
  9. Damien Cook
  10. Pain smiles
  11. Liam Martin
  12. Tariq Sims
  13. Isaiah Yo
  14. Jack Whitton
  15. Jack Trobozevic
  16. Angus Crichton
  17. Tyson Frigel
    Reserve: Nico Hynes, Matt Burton, Keon Kolomatangi, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Haumole Olakauatu, Stefano Otoikamanu, Ciosifa Talakai.
The Queensland Maroons are celebrating their original victory

(Photo by Bradley Canaris / Getty Images)


Outer back: Kalin Ponga has built up enough credit at the Origin level to retain the No. 1 jersey despite having decent club form. On the wings, Xavier Coates and Valentine Holmes will probably be starters and Dan Gagai will be a center and cowboy speedster Hamiso Tabuai-Fido will be his potential partner. The Warriors’ young gunman Rees Walsh, North Queensland winger Murray Toulagi and Broncos speedster Selwyn Cobo are unlikely to make an early start but should be called up for an extended squad.

Toulagi made the best of his world by performing a great two-try in the magic round.

Half: The established combination of Cameron Munster and captain Daley Cherry-Evans will call shots with Dragon veteran Ben Hunt capable of fulfilling both roles if there is an injury.

Pack: Josh Papali will be one of the front row but Christian Welch’s season-ending Achilles Tear leaves a void. Jai Arrow has been used in props at the origin level and can be an alternative to pack down or vice versa in Tino Fa’asuyamaleui Lock. Kaufusi has been a fixture in the second row for 12 consecutive matches since his Rookie Origin series four years ago, and with Fifita and Su’a being out, Kurt Capwell is a sure sign with him. Harry Grant will be the hooker.

The Maroons celebrate an attempt by Harry Grant during three games in the State of Origin series.

(Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

Sessions: Hunt is sure to get the utility spot, leaving three forwards on the bench. Moaki Fotuaika has done well in four origins, meaning the final two spots will come down in a race between Carrigan, Flagler, Nanai, Dragon Prop Francis Mollo, Lucy, Fermer and Palacia.

Walsh, Toulagi and Cobo, as well as Gold Coast’s AJ Brimson, cowboy trio Ruben Cotter, Quinn Hess and Kyle Feld, and Iles Hooker Reed Mahoney will also be in the debate for an extended squad.

Probably the Maroons team

1. Kalin Ponga
2. Valentine Homes
3. Gagai Data
4. Hamiso Tabuai-Fido
5. Xavier Coates
6. Cameron Munster
7. Daily Cherry-Evans (c)
8. Josh Papali
9. Harry Grant
10. Arrow of victory
11. Felice Kaufusi
12. Kurt Capwell
13. Criminal trial
14. Ben Hunt
15. Patrick Carrigan
16. Francis Molo
17. Jeremiah Nanai
Reserve: Rees Walsh, Selwyn Cobo, AJ Brimson, Reed Mahoney, Moaki Fotuaika, Ruben Kotter, Quinn Hess.

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