Origin sends warning with Tedesco’s deft performance in the Roosters’ big win

NSW State of Origin captain James Tedesco was in top form on the eve of the 2020 series as he helped the Sydney roosters endure a fight against Cronulla in a 36-16 NRL win.

In one of his and the roster’s most impressive offensive performances of the year, Tedesco led the charge at the end of Cronulla’s five-game winning streak at Pointsetbet Stadium.

Craig Fitzgerald’s side have turned their home ground into a stronghold this year, but they have just fired a shot until the second half against the Roosters who have endured an unusually irregular run of form (7-5).

Tedesco was at the center of everything that was right for the rosters, and his performance would encourage Blues coach Brad Fitler, who is already without Tom Trobozevic and Lateral Mitchell.

Fullback’s jinking run helped bring the rosters out of the backfield and he was in the right place every time as a back-up or support.

In all, Tedesco finished the match with 205 running meters, seven tackle-busts, two tri-assists and an attempt of its own.

It helped the roosters that the sharks were at the bottom of the equation and as a worrying sign for Fitzgerald, Ronaldo failed to score in the 56th minute when he crossed the Mullito.

Fitzgerald was coaching against Trent Robinson for the first time when he left the rosters after serving as his assistant coach for nearly a decade, but on Saturday the master won over the apprentice.

20 minutes before the break from halfback Luke Carey, Daniel Tupou led Robinson’s side with a double in the opening.

Tedesco was backing up in support and flicked the ball behind his arm to send back-rower Nat Butcher into the corner.

Tupesu became the giver as Tedesco set inwards as the fullback ended quietly to give the Roosters a 20-0 lead at halftime.

Veteran prop Jared Waria-Hargreaves pushes the roosters further when he crashes after another shattered Tedesco break.

Winger Mulitalo and Seon Katoya each backed one for the Sharks and when Cameron McInes crossed to cut the Roosters lead 24-16 with 10 minutes left, home fans were expected to complete the comeback.

Roosters center Joey Manu gave that money when he hammered the victory through a late escape attempt before Connor Watson hammered for their advantage.


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