Only one player in NFL history is better than TD-INT Split Cork Cousin Through

Kirk Cousin TD-INT Split Through 120 Stars Top NFL History by Only One Player

October 13, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousin. David Birding – USA Today Sports.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​has started 120 games in his career, 219 passing touchdowns and 87 interceptions at that start.

In NFL history, a total of 74 quarterbacks have started at least 120 games and only one More Touchdown pass and Less The barrier starts with the 120s than the cousins ​​- Aaron Rogers.

Through Rogers ’first 120 starts, he registered 258 passing touchdowns on a slight 64 pc. So, in this vague metric, Rogers is the standard-bearer.

The Rogers team also did well with 120 starts from the Cousins ​​Washington Commander and the Vikings. The Packers, led by Rogers, were 81-39 (.675) through their first 120 starts, where the Cousins ​​are infamous at 59-59-2 (.500).

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers prepares for the game against the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field. Nfl Nfc Divisional Round Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

Why such statistics and the “quarterback record” create so much controversy about cousins. His numbers are there – irrefutably – because no one but Rogers has statistically outperformed his cousins ​​in the eight seasons he started his career. Somehow, though, the cousin groups, as a whole, end up near the equator.

Rogers also has his own “problems.” He has won four MVP Awards, received 10 Pro Bowl Consent and five All-Pro Recognitions. Still, his Green Bay Packers have won just one Super Bowl – in 2010, Rogers’ third season as a starter. The Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 that season in the Super Bowl XLV.

Since then, Rogers has launched a search to imitate Tom Brady, which has failed miserably. Increasingly in the sport, the world’s top athletes are judged by the championship. Michael Jordan’s perfect “final record” of 6-0 made it so that the cream of the crop for the top performers in a sport must adhere to that standard for legitimacy. Jordan played as a professional for 15 seasons, but people paid little attention to his final record when nine times he bounced from his Chicago Bulls and his Washington Wizards play-off tournament. Before NBA Finals The “6-0 in the final” argument is mixed with weirdness and irrationality.

December 13, 2020; Tampa, Florida, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousin (8) and Tampa Bay Buchanan quarterback Tom Brady. Compulsory Credit: Kim Clement-USA Today Sports

In that vein, Rogers’ biography is more insulting than that of Brady, who mostly considers the same quarterback. Brady’s team has won the Super Bowl seven times, and Rogers is stuck Drew Brees Land With one

The cousin, of course, has zero and so does not enter into any chat involving Rogers or Brady. However, none other than Rogers was able to overtake the Cousins ​​via the Touchdown-Interception Split with 120 Starts.

Overall, the Cousins ​​will either change the dialogue and win a Super Bowl of their own – or be remembered as a Carson Palmer-type or Tony-Romo-type without the Lombardy Trophy.

The Vikings and Packers start the 2022 regular season against each other in 107 days.

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