On which channel and how do you watch the A-League Men’s Grand Final?

Melbourne City will face Western United in the 2022 A-League men’s grand final to become the champions of Australian football. The match is starting 7:45 pm AEST Saturday 28 May.

Melbourne City will start the favorites in the All-Melbourne Grand Final.

City defending champions but Western United have shown that they should not be underestimated after some big scalps throughout the year when it was crucial against Melbourne’s victory in the semi-finals.

Winning the A-League for the new club will be a huge legend and a testament to the work that coach John Aloisie has done to turn the playing group into a consistent force.

City have scored 15 more goals than Western United in the regular season and are hoping to dominate there. If it remains stagnant for a long time, United will imagine the possibility of their grand final crash.

What time is the grand final of A-League men?

The match is about to start 7:45 pm AEST 5:45 pm if you are looking in Western Australia and 7:15 pm if you are looking in South Australia and Northern Territory

How to watch A-League Grand Final on TV and Streaming?

Channel 10 and Paramount + have exclusive rights to domestic Australian football, so you need to tune them into a platform to watch the A-League grand final.

If you want to watch the match on traditional broadcast television, you need to search your TV channels. 10 Brave Which is a multi-channel connected to the TEN network.

It will be available on Channel 12 in the metro area. You can find it on channels 51, 52 or 53, depending on where you are in each state in most regional areas.

If you prefer to stream Grand Final on a laptop, smart TV or mobile device, you can do so through the free 10play.

Alternatively you can also stream the paid subscription service to Paramount Plus which offers a free seven day trial which then costs 8.99 per month.

Of course if you can’t watch the game or just want to join Banter, you can join us here Roar Where we will have a live blog of action.

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