Odell Beckham Jr. has a ridiculous exchange with his newborn son

Odell Beckham Jr. # 3 of the Los Angeles Rams walks the field before a game against the San Francisco 49ers at Lewis Stadium in Santa Clara, California on November 15, 2021.
(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images)

All-Pro wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will have to postpone his NFL career for now.

He has no choice but to play for the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl LVI after an ACL injury.

Although the recovery may take longer than expected, Beckham will welcome the rest as he is already a Super Bowl champion.

Had it not been for his injury, he could have been a prime candidate for the Super Bowl MVP.

For now, he’s a free agent because he’s back in the game.

But her situation gives her more time to spend with her son Zidane.

Here is a light moment between Beckham and the baby.

Beckham gives his son a toy football and says, “You throw a ball, you run a mile.”

He is already setting some discipline at Zydn, hoping he will follow in his footsteps.

It will take time for Beckham’s son’s dream to come true.

But if the child inherits his father’s talent, he will be a top talent when he qualifies for the NFL Draft.

Let’s just hope Beckham won’t be too hard on his son once he starts playing.

But then again, running one mile trains him to be a better wide receiver.

Beckham’s schedule for his return

ACL injuries are not easy to deal with and the recovery period can take up to 12 months.

So Beckham’s return to the field is uncertain.

But when he runs to play, he must be enjoying the rest in some way.

After all, he came from a messy situation with the Cleveland Browns.

Similarly, after winning the biggest prize of the game with Rams, there is nothing left to prove.

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