NSW Waratahs vs. Highlanders, Sam Gilbert gets red card for dangerous play

With an impressive 32-20 defeat to the Highlanders, the Waratahra are back in sixth place at the Super Rugby table ahead of the Reds – their first win in Dunedin since 2008 and the first against the Kiwi opposition in the NZ for seven years.

The Waratahs bench was outstanding and led the team to a deserved victory after a turbulent period in the second half.

Highlanders No. 10 Sam Gilbert Wallabys picked up captain Michael Hooper and dangerously threw him into the turf as Tahs was sent off by a red card in the 28th minute.

“It changed the whole game,” said former Kiwi Scotland international Brendon Lenny at Stan Sport coverage. “It simply came to our notice then.

“How many times have these people been told that you can’t lift boys in the horizontal past? He landed on his head, there was no other way, they have to give him red. “

The score was tied at 7-7 when Gilbert made his mistake and Tahas made two more attempts in the first half to create a one-man advantage for 20 minutes.

Before Nick Berry raised the Reds, the game was an intimate battle and when it was briefly opened for them they were forced to fight for second-half dominance before finally claiming victory.

The hosts tried just 2:09 in the first half to advance. Tahas lost possession shortly after the kick-off and the Kiwis took advantage of the buzz of Aaron Smith behind the Highlanders Rack when lock Josh Dixon broke down.

It was a nervous start from Tahs but they held a foot, and drew the equalizer in the 10th minute when Will Harris charged a short pass to Rack and burst straight through center-back Scott Gregory to try and score a tackle by Dixon.

Gilbert’s mistake was shocking and Tahas went ahead to kill. Berry warned the Highlanders that they were at risk of 13 people going down after a series of violations near their own line, with Jake Gordon choosing to keep the pressure on instead of kicking for a goal and paying it a dividend.

Ten Admed swings a long looping pass to put Mark Navakanitawas in the wide right over, before Hooper tries a great single, the ball bounces off the start of the 25-meter out rock and can outrun two challengers.

Commenting on the match, former All Black star Justin Marshall said: “He is a very competitive, highly motivated player, Michael Hooper. “He is one of the best in Australian rugby and his record is impeccable. He is such a talented player. “

Michael Hooper of Varatas charges the field during a Round 14 Super Rugby Pacific match between Highlander and NSW Varatah at the Forsyth Bar Stadium in Dunedin, New Zealand on May 22, 2022.  (Photo by Joe Allison / Getty Images)

Michael Hooper of Varatas took to the field to score. (Photo by Joe Allison / Getty Images)

Edmid’s conversion makes it 19-7, and it stays that way until the Highlanders get their 15th man back – Marty Banks’ first touch is to close the gap and take a penalty kick at nine.

Tahas, who was run by the Hurricanes over the weekend after leading most of the match, began to stumble and the day turned sour when Paddy Ryan received a yellow card, his head crashing into Dixon.

As soon as Ryan arrived, Dixon lowered his head toward the ball.

Tahas captain Jack Gordon argued the call and was unaffected by martial law.

“The players are looking upset and I understand why,” Marshall said. “It simply came to our notice then. I don’t think Paddy Ryan had any intention of doing anything other than just clearing the ball with a rack as he usually does.

“It simply came to our notice then. But unfortunately at the moment this is the law and to a certain extent it is ruining the game because the referees are backing the corner. “

Now it was time for the Highlanders to take a chance and they pounded, a flashy backline run that allowed Gregory to pass wide.

Tahs assistant coach Paulie Taumopeu, speaking within an hour of the match’s coverage, said Tahs had begun to cast a shadow over the clash.

What happens when you get a red card? Sports lawyer Aaron Lloyd explained in The Roar Rugby Podcast.

“We came to this game knowing that the war of attrition would be really important to us,” he said.

“They started like a house of fire, they won. Then 20 minutes from half time so far they have won again and we have seen it on the scoreboard.

But from there, it was all taha until the late Highlanders tried to console him after the siren sounded.

Edmid made a penalty slot in the 66th minute to extend the lead to seven points and Jeremy Williams moved closer to the cross a minute later, when he threw the ball through the line with his compassion when Banks first came to his feet to stop him.

Another Admed penalty turned 10 points with 12 minutes into the game but after Charlie Gamble forced seven more minutes, Admed missed a relatively easy attempt to freeze the game.

With four games, though, he corrected, Wallabis forward Ned Hannigan blew a tackle and offloaded Admed for his first attempt at Super Rugby.

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