NRLW star Upton, the big loss for the Broncos as Boyle was hunted down by the Knights

Newcastle have unveiled Brisbane’s two biggest stars, Millie Boyle and Tamika Upton, in a landmark move to recruit NRLWs.

A two-time Premiership winner with Brisbane, Prop Boyle was the co-winner of the Daly M Medal this season, although Upton is considered the most dangerous fullback in the game despite missing a game.

The pair will move to Newcastle before the start of the August season, with the Knights licking their wounds after losing five games last season.

“It’s exciting for our NRLW team and our members to be able to attract players like Tamika and Millie to the Knights,” said Knights Recruiting Boss Clint Jamit.

“They are both world-class players in their respective positions who have a real desire to continue to improve their game.”

Upton said he had the ability to help the Knights rise before the competition resumed the following year.

“First and foremost, I’m coming to Newcastle to get better,” he said.

“I’ve met with both men and women here and everyone has been invested in making this team a success and I look forward to playing a small role in it.”


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