NRL Round 11 Talking Points

The young talent of NRL has once again shown why NRL is in great hands, when the winning streak begins to bite the blows as it expands.

Here are 7 points you can talk about from weekend games

How about Dame Cowboy?
Earlier this year in the ‘Expert Roar’ section, I finished the following four of the Cowboys, saying, “Under Todd Petten, North Queensland has not evolved as much as I had hoped.” Whoa, boy – I’m glad to admit that I whipped that call, big time. Payten evolution is good and really here.

Melbourne traveled to Townsville for Saturday’s game which was a very favorite and went home 36-6 after being badly beaten. It was a fairly fortnight for the storm, but a party in northern Queensland deservedly illuminated those who felt uncertain at first and went right after the killing.

Scott Drinkwater, Valentine Holmes and Tom Gilbert ate while 19-year-old Jeremiah Nanai made two attempts to continue his path to happiness.

Can they maintain this form? At the moment, it doesn’t matter. The Cowboys travel to Penrith this Friday and are basically playing with home money. North Queensland has come so far that all you can do is praise the work they have done to rebuild themselves, often in the face of harsh criticism. I hope they do well.

What was the need to be able, or what was the need to be able?
After a magic round sticker against the Roosters, Elliott’s 22-20 steal from Manley was critical for their top four plans. Mitch Moses sideline conversion fills the front and back of a fun game torn in the rain, with both sides tackling the bin of sin (fair) but fighting to the end.

At these 2 points Paramatman tied for fourth place with Cronula and Brisbane and they need to collect the win by any means they need. Waiting for a match-up with the resurrected Canberra, then a week off in Canterbury. The teams that want the top four places will win.

Dragon vs. Warriors was delightful
Now be honest – St. George-Ilawara vs New Zealand Stout was not on your playlist to watch this weekend.

But with some fantastic personal effort it has turned into a belt.

Dragons fullback Cody Ramsey was great, center Moses Sully ran 228 meters and broke six tackles, he showed again what he was capable of, Prop Michael Mollo scored his debut goal, New Zealand’s Adin Fonua-Blake scored 206 meters below half of that post. And center William Villarreal scored a double. All in all, it was a great occasion for an entertaining afternoon.

That’s it.

Let’s go back to New Zealand
The Warriors have now spent almost three seasons in Australia and it is time to play back in their home country. The departure of Prop Matt Lodge because he did not want to go to New Zealand indicates how their current position is between a rock and a hard place, especially when it comes to roster management.

Membership, public gatherings, sponsorship, cash flow and most importantly, it is now impossible for local players to be able to cultivate their homeland for fighters.

The impact of this period on the New Zealand Rugby League will last for many years and hopefully the NRL will be aware of this long-term risk – players will not consider the real human aspect of being able to live in their own home, with their own family. Own neighbor.

If Super Rugby can handle trans-Tasman travel and fixtures, so can NRL. Get it done and get it done now. Otherwise, all these constant ‘thank you for your departure’ or talking about a second NZ team from the important people of NRL is just nonsense.

Selwyn Kobo is something else, man
What kind of player is there in the wing of the Broncos? The 19-year-old, 6ft 2, 99kg and bloody fast, made nine attempts in Brisbane’s five consecutive wins, the subject of a ‘contract war’ that would set him up for life.

This rugby league caper is pretty simple, so no. Should he play State of Origin? Why not?

(Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

And heiiire ​​injury comes
Cowboys have a number of knee concerns for Kyle Feld and Jason Toumalolo (both will be confirmed at the time of writing). The elbow was displaced.

West Tigers halfback Jackson Hastings has not been able to walk since his team’s win over Canterbury, but coach Michael Maguire has assured him he is OK. Jock Madden halved for Luke Brooks to keep things rolling.

They are very important players for every team and big time injuries just before the original period is not good news.

The big news, though, was not good for Manley fans and New South Walespeople as gun fullback and amulet Tom Trobozevic once again came down with a suspicious season-ending injury, this time with an isolated shoulder.

You will have the right to say that Trobozevich has a chronic problem since the end of the 2018 season, having played 44 of the 86 possible games (and because you are curious, Manley played 30-14 in those games).

Also because you are curious, getting good cash with Turbo Sea Eagles till the end of 2026 season.

Hit fast
– Melbourne lost two in a row, sure. But they are still second in the table with +169 points differential … leave me to panic.
– South Sydney has double figure errors in every game this season and has averaged 13 errors per week.
– Origin State 1 for any Tom Trobozevic, Victor Radley, Dale Finuken, Cam Murray, Lateral Mitchell or Ryan Papenhuen Brad Fitler.
– You all know how much I love my Big Boopers – so congratulations to Canberra prop Josh Papali for identifying Game 250 with an effort and the Tigers’ Alex Towel marked his 100th without effort, as tradition says.
– Matt Lodge will not miss New Zealand. Do you want him in your club? See also Paul Vaughan.
– Melbourne winger Javier Coates’s 40-meter chasedown and Cowboy Murray Toulagi’s tackle save were incredible, and were down 30 points in the 70th minute. This is the mentality of the storm.
– Since scoring just six second-half attempts in their first nine games, Canberra have scored four of their last two in a three-game winning streak.

The last full round last week before the Origin Buy kicks in and there are many teams looking to get an important two points.

Melbourne host Manly on Thursday night which is taking shape as quite important. Facing Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the Warriors and Knights have reached the saloon of last chance. The South will play tigers and sharks and roosters will try to find a place on top of each other, while Canberra and Paramatman can be a tidy good.

The best game of the round though is undoubtedly Penrith Hosting North Queensland – 1st v 3rd, grizzled champs vs precocious up and comer. Apparently, it was played at the Marquee Spot on Friday evening at 6pm … Sometimes, the fixtures get you wrong.

What did you think of the weekend rugby league, Roars?

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