NRL News: ‘I made a mistake but I am not hungry for money’

In signing a six-year deal with Brisbane, Payne Haas admitted that he had “made a mistake”.

NSW is trying to extend and upgrade the prop deal, which runs until the end of 2024, but when negotiations with the Broncos broke down, its management requested an immediate release last week.

After being denied a club request, he was mocked by Broncos fans at Suncorp Stadium last Friday.

“I made a mistake in signing my last contract a long time ago,” he told reporters at the Blues camp in Kuji on Monday.

“It’s the same deal they offered me last year. The same exact deal. Six years – I made the mistake of signing my last contract too long.

“The thing that bothers me the most is that people say I’m hungry for money. “If I had, I would have left Brisbane many years ago.

“I think it’s a fair deal and it’s the same deal they offered me last year and the Broncos offered it.

“It simply came to our notice then. That’s why I let the club and my manager talk. “

Sonny Bill Williams paused

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“If it were a matter of money I would have left many years ago.”

Haas is said to want a performance clause in the extension of his proposed contract, which means he will become a free agent if Brisbane fails to reach the final.

Sony is advising Bill Williams Haas on the future of his game and he has described Kiwi Dual International as an ideal mentor.

“She is telling me to keep my head and legs. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

“The problem I’m going through now is nothing compared to what some people are going through.”

The future of the 22-year-old at Red Hill has been clouded since he broke up with his manager Chris Orr, who began negotiations for a new six-year deal with the Broncos last year.

Haas was unexpected when asked if he wanted to stay in Brisbane. He said: “I love Brisbane and the city has taken me. But at the end of the day I decide what is best for my daughter based on my decision.

“I’m trying to set my daughter (for life) and I will do God’s will.”

In the past, Fitler has indicated that he will not select players involved in contract disputes, but Haas has assured him that this stand-off will not affect the Blues camp.

“I told him (Fitler) that I wasn’t confused and I told him I was concentrating on the handiwork,” he said.

“I think I’ve got more kisses than the Titans players… and I understand why this has happened all along.”

Haas has been named to start for NSW before the opening match of the series next Wednesday.

Harry watches Grant of the Maroons during a game in the 2021 State of Origin series.

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Maroon ‘quarantine’ grant

Storm hooker Harry Grant will be kept away from the rest of the Queensland squad until Wednesday because he has the flu.

Grant was ruled out of Thursday night’s win over Manley due to a groin injury and has been ruled out due to illness.

Maroons coach Billy Slater said Grant’s illness prompted him to be picked on the bench, starting with in-form dragon veteran Ben Hunt Hooker.

“Harry is still recovering from his groin injury. We think he will be fine to play but he has had the flu for the last five days,” Slater said.

“I think anyone in the game knows that the flu has been going on and hit something for a week.

“Harry will actually be in Melbourne until Wednesday, then we’ll pick him up and hopefully he’ll be on the field for us on Thursday.”

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