Nobel is back in the ‘untrue’ rumors of misery in the North, opened after Leon fell

North Melbourne coach David Noble has faced the media in response to complaints about the club’s recent turmoil on the field.

Three members of the club’s recruiting staff left the week in a state of excitement, leaving the Kangaroos, who are 17th on the AFL ladder with a 1-9 record, to take the Nobel lead if results do not improve.

But speaking at Arden St. on Thursday morning, Noble said reports of a breakup between himself and the players were “substantially untrue” – one of which was that he was instructed by the club’s classification to apologize to the players after a widely publicized spray. Years

“There are enough untrue stories that are being reported, basically relationships with players, relationships with coaches, being instructed by the club to apologize,” he said.

“They’re all untrue.”

Despite the terrible start to the North in 2022, Noble says he and the club understand that the club’s restructuring process needs the current ‘hard times’, and maintains that he is the right man to turn everything around.

“Our members and our fans understand that difficult times are coming and I have taken this step,” he said.

“I am here for a long time. I want our club to be successful and strong … I want to win more games, not something clean, and we want to win games every week. But that’s where we are. “

Nobel laureate Jason Horn-Francis, the number one draft pick, has also dispelled speculation about the future of the club, which has suspended contract talks with the club and is embroiled in controversy over an unauthorized home trip to Adelaide for Mother’s Day.

The coach denied reports of a hamstring injury that ruled Horn-Francis out of the Kangaroos’ Round 9 clash with Adelaide, which was a cover for the club’s suspension of the trip.

“It’s not uncommon for a first-round player not to sign a contract. I’m sorry, but I don’t see it as a problem, “said Noble.

“He was not in trouble, he was not suspended. We sat down with him and said: There is a protocol because what will happen if his medicine is tested and we do not know his whereabouts. [is] The club actually gets fined. “

Also addressing the media, Kangaroos CEO Ben Amerfio acknowledged that the club was “surprised” by the resignation of hiring manager Mark Finigan, hiring officer Ben Berthisell and players’ chief Glenn Laugh, but said the door was always open for anyone to return. .

“Would we like to keep him? [Luff]? Yes, we will, and I made it clear to Glenn when we were chatting, “said Amarfio.

“The door is open. If Glenn wants some time, he comes back with a little spell. The door is open, there’s work.”

“Mark has been here for 17 years, he’s a great answer man, his whole family is full of great North people. He got a great offer and he got some protection that we couldn’t match.

“Our employees do not have the luxury of offering fixed term, long term contracts. No one in this club has a fixed term, no long term contract, no me, no coach.

“When you get an offer like this and you are 17 years old and doing a great job, you have to think about your family first.

“It simply came to our notice then. He has been made to stand, he has been made to stand up, he has been made part time. She studied at HR, got a job at HR, she got stability, she got security, she has a young family. It’s a no-brainer. “

Russia’s poor recent form has seen the club remain under tremendous pressure throughout the season so far, says former champions Wayne Kerry. Triple M On Wednesday the club is ‘broken’.

“As little as this football club is, I’ve known it ever since,” Kerry said.

“I don’t think they’re being completely honest with themselves because you can’t improve unless you’re really acknowledging that we’re broken.

“It simply came to our notice then. You don’t have people who are resigning for no reason. “

Kangaroos senior coach David Noble addresses his players during the 2022 AFL Round 07 match between Carlton Blues and North Melbourne Kangaroos on April 30, 2022 at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.  (Michael Wilson / AFL photo via Getty Images)

(Michael Wilson / AFL photo via Getty Images)

Leon’s ‘tough’ response to allegations of drug trafficking by former St.

Former St Killer coach Ross Lyon said Sam Fisher was a “very special player” during his tenure after allegations of drug trafficking against St.

The 39-year-old will appear in court in August after choosing to remain in custody without facing a court hearing earlier this month on charges of regular illegal drug trafficking from Melbourne to Perth.

Leon said Fisher’s situation proves that more needs to be done to prepare players for life after football while in the AFL system.

“I want to talk about prehab. You want to send them away with poor health. From my own experience, when you reach the end of your career and you don’t work, you start to stress,” he said in Nines. Footy is categorized.

“I really drive when we have meetings that you have to earn, work part-time or learn and be registered. I remember the noise around, the AFLPA and the media shouting, ‘What is he doing?’ Well, that was 10 years ago. “

Leon added that it was difficult to reconcile Fischer with the current allegations, saying he had “never been told” about any of the underlying drug problems.

“He was a very special player to me. I coached him from 2007 to 2011. He was never in the leadership team, but he was an All-Australian. He was a star, “Leon said.

“He’s always trained and he’s always played and he’s not a headache for me, but there’s obviously a lot going on under the surface. We’ll go into the illegal drug policy with the AFL later, but as a coach you won’t get any of that. Only club doctor. I was never informed.

“To me, what did I see? An incredible athlete, a beautiful person [with a] The kind nature that trained and played and was the star of the club.


Former Saints Sam Fisher (left) and Nick Reoldt. (Photo by Michael Wilson / AFL Media / Getty Images)

Danger on the ice: Cats have confirmed that Brownlow will miss out on the medal-winning Bye

Geelong coach Chris Scott says the Cats will not consider star veteran Patrick Dangerfield for selection for a few weeks, as the 32-year-old is battling a number of injury issues.

After Dangerfield suffered a calf injury and was ruled out of the Cats’ win over Port Adelaide last week, the club decided to give the 2016 Brownlow medalist time to fully recover instead of returning to him quickly.

“When I reflect on the last few years, we couldn’t shoot him towards the end of the season,” Scott said Wednesday.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“But I think it’s a better way for us to take it with us.

“With two games before Bai, we can use that extra week, which is probably more than he really needs.

“We think the last few months of the season are going to keep him in the best shape for a really good run.”

Dangerfield has so far played through pain throughout 2022, despite illness including a cork calf; However, he is well under his best.

Scott said the superstar’s availability will now be taken from his own hands.

“The lack of explosiveness we see is really down to a series of notable corks that should probably have kept him out for a few games – where he made us believe he could cross,” he said.

“So now that we’ve put a line in the sand and said, ‘We’re not going to accept that you can just get past, we want you to play when you can get back to your best.’

The Cats face Adelaide at the GMHBA Stadium in Round 11, then have a crisis clash with the Western Bulldogs at home before their Round 13 bye.

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