NFL insider Jadevan Clooney has shared the gruesome facts about signing

Jadevin Clooney # 90 of the Cleveland Browns walks into the locker room at the end of the first half against the Arizona Cardinals at FirstEnergy Stadium on October 17, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio.
(Photo by Nick Camet / Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns have got their terrible defensive line back.

Miles Garrett is still with the squad on a five-year, $ 125 million contract signed in 2020.

However, it appeared that Jadevan Clooney could move elsewhere after the Browns initially did not offer a new contract.

The 2022 NFL draft came and Clooney was still a free agent.

Eventually, both parties signed a one-year contract to stay in Cleveland, leading to a proper defensive termination agreement.

He could be a hot commodity if Brown allowed him to explore other options.

But the deep pool of Edge Rusers in the draft means that teams can fill that position without having to pay the price that Clooney could have paid.

This does not mean, however, that Clooney did not receive offers from other squads.

In fact, Ian Rapport, the national insider of the NFL Network, revealed that money was not a problem for the former South Carolina standout.

Instead, he really wanted to play for the Browns for less.

Rapport tweeted, “Clooney wanted to return to Cleveland. How bad? He has refused দলের 14M to $ 15M a year from other parties in a multi-year contract to return. “

This amount of money can be a good payday for a defensive end.

However, he felt at home with the Browns, making his return no-brainer.

The Browns are showing promise on both ends

Clooney’s return gives the Browns a two-headed monster from the pass rashers between him and Garrett.

In addition to the push-up front, they have Denzel Ward, Greg Newsom II and John Johnson III in the middle.

Their offense could perform well in 2022 with Nick Chubb, Karim Hunt, Amari Cooper and David Enjoku.

The signing of Deshaun Watson is a huge deal, but an impending suspension could rely on the Browns for their strong running attack.

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