NFL Insider explains the latest Desaun Watson update

Cleanland Browns quarterback Desan Watson spoke at his press conference on March 25, 2022, when he was introduced to the Cleveland Browns at the Crosscountry Mortgage Campus in Beria, Ohio.
(Photo by Nick Camet / Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns knew that Pro Bowl quarterback Desan Watson could miss some games this season.

Yes, the 22 cases of sexual misconduct filed against him have paved the way for his return without being criminally liable.

However, the court’s decision will be different from the NFL.

After all, he still has 22 civil cases while training with the Browns.

But an upcoming meeting between Watson and league officials indicates that the NFL could make a decision on the situation in the quarterback.

NFL insider Albert Briar tweeted, “In this type of investigation, the NFL usually has the last word with the player, so this is probably an indication that the league is winding things up. The next question will be whether they will rule on 22 civil cases before they are settled.”

He tweeted in response to an update from CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson that Watson is scheduled to meet with league officials in Texas this week.

The most important update from this meeting is whether Watson will be suspended.

If he doesn’t, the NFL will get a lot of pushbacks not only from fans but also from the anti-sexual harassment group.

But if he is sacked, the league must mention a fair amount of play to avoid criticism.

Who will take charge of Watson?

Baker could be the starter for the Mayfield Browns when Watson is out.

That scene could happen if he stays with the Browns when the 2022 season starts.

However, despite the slightest interest in him, they are still actively doing his business.

But if Watson does well during his suspension, the teams could start investigating Mayfield again.

On the other hand, Jacob Brisett could also fill Watson’s role if Mayfield is already with the other team.

With that, the Browns expect a decent record until Watson returns.

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