NFL insider Deshaun offers MLB parallels in the Watson case

Cleveland Browns NFL quarterback Desaun Watson adjusted his jacket during a press conference on March 25, 2022 at the Crosscountry Mortgage Campus in Beria, Ohio.
(Photo by Nick Camet / Getty Images)

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The Pro Bowl play-caller will meet with NFL officials about the upcoming suspension.

Not being criminally responsible for her 22 sexual misconduct has paved the way for her to return and join the Browns.

However, he is still under investigation on civil charges.

Similarly, NFL sanctions will be different from legal courts

After all, they must be subtle in the case of Watson because people, especially young children, look up to these athletes.

Therefore, the verdict they will give him will set a precedent for other similar cases in the future.

If the league struggles to finalize the judgment, perhaps recent events in Major League Baseball could help them resolve the issue.

CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson tweeted, “Trevor Bauer’s NFL source: Look at what Baseball did. If people don’t think it’s on people’s radar, then public opinion is important. You think the NFL wants to be an organization that says Sexual abuse against women means more than any other league? Think about it. “

The league could cite Trevor Bauer’s two-season suspension in the wake of Watson’s lawsuit.

Otherwise, they will receive a negative response for giving the quarterback a light penalty.

The Browns are preparing for the worst

Losing Watson for so long will have a negative effect on the Brown.

They are still obliged to pay him under his five-year, $ 230 million fully guaranteed contract.

Similarly, being absent from football for several seasons can be a difficult hole to return to physically.

In that case, the Browns should have plans to trade Baker Mayfield.

The team will need Watson if he is suspended in the long run.

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