NFC South remains an exciting two-team race

Tom Brady of Tampa Bay Buccaneers passes # 12 during a game against the New Orleans Saints at Raymond James Stadium on December 19, 2021 in Tampa, Florida.
(Photo by Mike Ehrman / Getty Images)

When the NFL season came to an end after Super Bowl 56, many people saw NFC South as a potential dumpster fire.

New Orleans Saints lost head coach Shawn Payton when he left the team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady retired before the start of the Super Bowl 56.

The Carolina Panthers looked awesome with Cam Newton and Sam Darnald quarterbacking.

Then we have the Atlanta Falcons, who could beat Calvin Ridley in the 2022 season for sports betting in NFL games.

However, the 2022 NFL offseason has returned some juice to two of the four NFC South teams.

Tom Brady returns from retirement, which brings other players back

Brady spent a full 40 days in retirement before deciding to return to football.

His return has not only shattered the hopes of an individual to enrich it but also shattered the hopes of the NFC South.

For players like Leonard Fornet, re-signing with the Buccaneers was enough.

These things help give the Bucs the best chance of an NFL playoff and possibly a Super Bowl

Had Brady not returned, the team would have been without a proven quarterback and probably without Fornet and others.

His return seeks to bring other players back to Tampa Bay with the greatest quarterback ever.

Re-sign St. James Winston and Jarvis Landry

Saints started with Payton’s resignation in 2022 while Deshaun tried to trade for Watson.

However, after Watson missed the sweepstakes, the team decided to re-sign James Winston.

His 2021 season has been shortened due to injury.

That season saw him play the best football of all time in his NFL career.

Now he has the opportunity to return to New Orleans where he left off.

She has Jarvis Landrio, a former LSU standout receiver and a Louisiana product by birth.

Laundry gives him an extra weapon in the arsenal of offensive players.

The addition helps to warm up the NFC South for the Saints.

Panther and Falcon can not be compared to the saint and the chest

NFC South is a two-team race because the Panthers and Falcons are one year behind the Saints and Books.

Carolina has no winning quarterback at Darnald.

Atlanta no longer has Matt Ryan and without their top receiver for 2022.

While Carolina is trying to rebuild their defenses, they are not clicking on the offense.

However, Atlanta is completely defeated in both crime and defense.

When these two teams find the bottom of the NFC South, New Orleans and Tampa Bay will fight for the top spot.

They have taken every step to hold themselves in the play-off competition.

Winston is still growing as a quarterback and Brady has the intelligence skills, these two teams always have a chance.

They provide some good competitive games with each other.

With them, NFL fans get the excitement and entertainment in a packed stadium.

With the Falcons and Panthers, there is little excitement due to poor field play and mostly empty seats.

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