New Saints HC Drew Bryce shared his point of view in the comments

Dennis Allen, the New Orleans Saints' defensive coordinator, responds before an NFL Precision game against the Miami Dolphins at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 29, 2019.
(Photo by Jonathan Bachmann / Getty Images)

The New Orleans Saints did not have to look far to appoint their new head coach.

After Shawn Payton’s long tenure, the franchise promoted former defensive coordinator Dennis Allen to take over Payton’s position.

This approach ensures the continuity of the team’s game plan when they launch another campaign.

The Saints didn’t have to change much as they just missed last season’s playoffs at 9-8.

The record is still a positive sign, considering they lost quarterback James Winston to a season-ending injury and all-pro wideout Michael Thomas did not play at all.

In 2022, both players will return for the Saints and they have brought some reinforcements.

New Orleans has selected Chris Olav in the first round of this year’s draft and Jarvis Landry has signed a one-year contract.

But changes may not stop there after Drew Bryce leaves his role as NBC Sports analyst after one season.

Bryce commented that he is currently undecided about the next stage of his life.

He added that he could return to NBC, coach his kids, concentrate on business or play professional football again.

If the last part is true, Saints fans will cheer for her return, if she decides to wear the team uniform again.

However, Allen saw Bryce’s remarks in a different light, saying, “I think the comment was a joke.”

No return to the field for bris

Allen should know Bris better because they have spent so much time together.

Even if Allen is not the future coach of the future Hall of Fame, it is certain that they had some conversation during practice and team function.

Therefore, the current head coach of the Saints should have an idea of ​​how Bryce thinks.

Similarly, Bryce’s last game was an indication that it was time for him to hang on to better his clits.

Being out of the shape of the game for a year does not guarantee a successful return, if he plays again at the age of 43.

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