NBA author shares problematic doc reverse fact

Joel MBD # 21 and Doc Rivers sideline during the first half against the Los Angeles Lakers at the Arena on March 23, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo Harry How / Getty Images)

The Philadelphia 76ers have made the playoffs again this year.

And, again, they came up short.

The team was recently knocked out of the post-season by the Miami Heat, another horrific defeat for the Philly Squad and its lead star Joel MBD.

Many people hoped that the 76ers could go all the way this year.

They played better year after year and seemed determined, driven and ready to fight to the end.

But given the recent history of head coach Doc Rivers, no one should be surprised at their defeat in the second round.

As Joey Lin mentioned on Twitter, Rivers has been stuck in the first round of the playoffs for several years now.

It’s actually been ten years since a team led by Rivers came out of the second round.

Although it is not due to lack of talent.

Over the past decade, Rivers has coached Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Cowboy Leonard, Paul George, Ben Simmons, Joel MBD and James Harden.

Does he not understand how the rivers can lead his party to the cursed or promised land?

In the hot seat

There is a lot of speculation about the future of rivers.

A few 76ers fans are calling for Rivers to be sacked after a disappointing end to a promising season.

Nevertheless, inside reports say River work is safe – for now.

However, if he does not help the 76ers advance to the playoffs next year, you can bet he will be given a have-ho.

Because of his experience, skills and track record, he was brought in to help the 76ers win a championship.

Anything less than that would be frustrating and would therefore be a reason to dismiss him.

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