My Queensland team for Origin 1

Genesis is fast approaching, so technically every person and their dog will give their opinion on who should be chosen.

Today, I’m no different, since I want to make my best 17 pitches in two weeks for Game 1 for Queensland.

Without further ado, here are 17 men I will choose to represent Queensland when the State of Origin begins.

1. Kalin Ponga
There is no real push from other competitors for the jersey, so Ponga basically comes on the basis of merit. He’s not in great form, but I’ve seen Ponga Origin Arenas shine at any point in his career. He offers kicking options and he is a strong ball player.

Kalin Ponga is the main color of the state for Queensland.

(Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

2. Selwyn Cobo
He just beat Corey Oats for me. Oates is in blind form, but his winger opponent is Kobo. The young talent really spread his wings last fortnight, and really looks like a young Greg Inglis when flying full. Can the cobbo stand in the bright light of the original? I think we’ll see soon.

3. Valentine Homes
He is the in-form center of the competition at the moment. Temporary fullback slash winger has really found a home in the left-middle position. He is seen in the best shape of his life. Holmes is no stranger to the Origin Arena and likes to score in it as well.

4. Gagai Data
One of the best performers on the Origin Stage, Gagai seems to be shooting at a whole new level when he wears Maroon for Queensland. He has long been the chief at the right end of Queensland, and does not seem to be slowing down any time soon.

5. Xavier Coates
This young speedster from Melbourne is arbitrarily scoring on his new back line. He himself is in strong form. He will make aerial threats against younger NSW wings.

6. Cameron Munster
He chooses for himself. He is the best five-eighth in the competition. Say less.

Cameron Munster Pass of the Maroons

(Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

7. Daily Cherry-Evans
He is the captain. He is a great leader. He’s playing well on a very incoherent Manly team. He tries to close his tail. He will lead from the front.

8. Josh Papali
‘Big Papa’ is a completely original foundation of the Queensland Pack. He knows how to get up for the ceremony and always looks maroon.

9. Harry Grant
Manley’s young whiz maroon is ready to take the Nine and make it his own. If the NSW forwards get tired, he will be the cause of destruction. He will be a key figure for Queensland for the coming year.

10. Arrow of victory
Currently playing on the edge for his club, Arrow has never disappointed Queensland when he was asked to play in the middle. He offers a great mix of perseverance and efficiency in the Origin arena. He may be a dubious call, but I prefer the arrow in the front row to start the game.

11. Felice Kaufusi
Storm back-rower is quietly doing his job. He is always skilled at the origin level. He will deal with his donkey when needed and carry a heavy one when asked.

(Photo by Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images)

12. Kurt Capwell
He has previously played at center for Queensland and has done an honorable job, but I would like to see him in his preferred position outside of Munster. He is a tactical player. He can make anything from scratch and is a strong defender.

13. Pat Carrigan
It may surprise people, but I don’t see a better alternative than Carrigan at 13 years old. He is fresh from an ACL injury. He picked up exactly where he left off and became an absolute workhorse in the middle for Brisbane. He has the potential to be a great leader going forward. I can’t deny his efforts and skills just for the Origin Arena.

14. Ben Hunt
This is a controversial choice, given that people want a quick utility in the Origin field. Its form allows picking anywhere. He really controlled the dragon all year long and showed how strong he is in defense. He gets utility consent for me.

Ben Hunt scored an attempt

(Photo by Bradley Canaris / Getty Images)

15. Criminal trial
Fans of the Titans may feel that their captain deserves to start, but I want to keep Fasumaleui off the bench, as he provides a strong influence and a sense of determination that must be brought to the bench.

16. Moaki Fotuaika
Joining his captain, Fotuaika is one star ahead. ‘MoFo’ was one of the best in Queensland last year, when he was playing. He is a very durable big man and has a lot of skills. Fotuica adapts well to the original scene.

17. Ruben Kotter
He is the work horse of Townsville. I made the quota of 17 runs to make my debut for Queensland. He is an absolute work horse and plays well above his size. Cotter has hearts and matches have aggression. He would become an absolute nightmare for exhausting NSW forwards with quick legs around the rack.

For the purpose of this article, the players who were unlucky to be dropped were Corey Oates, David Fifita, Lindsay Collins and Thomas Flaler.

I will choose the best 17 for Queensland for Game 1. What will you change? Will this team be able to win everything?

Comment and share your thoughts.

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