Munster vows to fight hangover and care factor but promises to move on

An outspoken Cameron Munster, ready to own the State of Origin Arena, admits he “just hoped” for an unpleasant rate at last year’s Queensland series.

Spent a month in a wellness facility to tackle the original five-eighth gambling and alcohol problems, to check himself after last year’s infamous white powder scandal and to spend around his Melbourne NRL deal based on the bill.

He returned to pre-season training in career-best form and, despite the club’s ban on alcohol, was reflected in Camp Maroon before the opening match of the series next Wednesday in Sydney.

“I went to the hangover on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, didn’t put much input into the club (storm),” he said.

Cameron Munster of the Maroons is looking at the game below

Cameron Munster (Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

“And then Thursday, Friday is coming good and playing on the weekends.

“Last year (at the time of origin) I was in and out of the game just hoping it happened.

“This year is a different story; I’m a little bit fitter and excited to take a lead in my role. “

Munster said he would lean on his strengths and aim to “run around like a headless choke” as part of a new look team proud of in-form rookie and experience.

Munster has set the stage to make his mark and he is feeling the moment.

“I haven’t done it (good football) less in the last few years; But I’m in good form and going out will be a good game, “he said.

“I just want to be consistent; I’m getting big money, when I don’t play well there is speculation, (people ask) ‘Am I worth that money?’

Former Storm teammate and rookie coach Billy Slater says the plan would be to give Munster as much power as possible.

“She is OK. I don’t know how important the series is to him, but he’s in a really good place right now, “said Slater.

“Happy off the field with partner and new baby. It has helped him on the field and he has worked really hard in the last six to eight months.

“She is OK.

“I love watching him play.”

The team practiced together for the first time in Brisbane on Tuesday before heading to the South Gold Coast where they will be grounded before next week’s opening match.

Rookie winger Selwyn Cobo is lined up on the right wing, just outside the center of Dan Gaggai, Xavier Coates is moving left from his regular flank outside Valentine Homes.

Named No. 14, Hooker Harry Grant is battling the flu in Melbourne.

North Queensland half Tom Deerden is a potential next man up if Storm talent is not fit to play.

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